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  1. I

    Trash can's (where to buy) for vacuum islands

    Someone swiped 1 of my cans that fits inside our vacuum islands. It's an odd size and shape I can't find anywhere. Any ideas? 2.4 Feet Tall X 1.3 Feet wide Pics below
  2. K

    Low Pressure Application Issues

    Hello, I'm currently looking for some advice as it comes to making sure the LP applicatitentons in a 8 bay are consis and apply fast. Currently we have presoak, tire degreaser, bug off, and triple foam running through the hoses. The presoak and tire degreaser work well in most bays but the bug...
  3. D

    Dixmor Remote

    Hi there, I work in a pet store that has a self-serve dog wash which works like a car wash so I figured this would be the best place to post this, also because I was sent a Dixmor remote that seems to have reset itself. I am trying to wash down my tub but I'm unable to program it to do so with...
  4. ArthursCarwash

    Why isn’t my self serve working out?

    In April 2020, I took over a leased self serve car wash in the city of Edmonton. 6300sqft, 8 Bays, Detailing, Store front. BILLS MONTHLY Lease: $5985.00 Utilities/ Insurance/ Supplies: $3000.00 Single morning shift employee: $1100 -$10,585 to keep the lights on. AVERAGE REVENU One...
  5. kbergeth

    Adding Credit Card Readers = Increase in Sales?

    For those of you that converted a cash only self serve to a cash AND credit card operation, what kind of sales increase did you see? What %?
  6. I

    Southeast self serve est. per bay- new owner

    Hello everyone! I am under contract for a wash in the south east. Great location on a 4 lane Highway. Traffic count 25k. 6 bay SS set up for now. Any one have any insight on monthly gross per bay? Distributor is telling me $500 to be conservative- but this seems low. Best Zach
  7. S

    Is it worth it? Self serve purchase advice

    Thinking about buying a SS car wash with 3 self-bays and one automatic bay. Also has RV washer on the outside (setup but no payment terminal or hosing), but I don't plan on utilizing that. Summary: Listed for 200k, can get it down to 150k. Selling because he is old. 11,000 cars pass on the...
  8. S

    Self Serve Price Increase

    Hey all! I took over a renovated 6 bay SS last December so I’m pretty new to the biz but learning how to fix new things every day. The previous owners had pricing set at .50 cents to start and .50 cents/minute. I’m changing prices (expensive area) and I think I’m nailed down on .75 cents/min but...
  9. B

    New owner of self serve car wash

    I have recently acquired a two bay SS with two vacs. Im located right on the highway. everything is at least 20 years old. My husband built the wash hisself. He passed away at the end of July and I am desperate for some help. Advice or whatever. Im located in Arkansas and I don’t know of...
  10. wrightwash

    Correct Dilution Ratio for Soap and Wax?

    I’m finishing up renovations on our new car wash. I’m trying to get the proper ratio of HP Soap and Wax. Right now I went by what is shown on Kleen Rite for tip sizes. While I can see some soap it just doesn’t seem like much. If I was a customer I would definitely want to have more soap. Also, I...
  11. W

    Hydrominder Issues

    Well, at least I think its a potential hydrominder issue. Our high pressure wash soap peters out over time. Check valve on the cat pump has been replaced. Hydrominder has been replaced. If we hold down on the chain and fill the tank, it instantly starts working in all 3 bays again. If we let the...
  12. Austin.james96

    Signature series self serve-Ryko

    I’ve got a signature series by Ryko, I’ve got an issue with my motors I believe. I can run the self serve like normal using the high pressure rinse, or spotless. Not all the time, but occasionally, all the motors will stop. Timer will still be active, can still use everything else but anything...
  13. TheMageLives

    Looking to buy my first wash

    Hey everyone I'm new the the forum on mobile so sorry not sorry for formatting lol. I'm not sure if the current owners are on here so I'll try to be a little vague. There is a car wash in Galion Ohio I'm looking at buying. It has 6 bays 1 is an automatic wash with a mark Vii that has been broken...
  14. SoakZone

    Self-Serve High Pressure hoses wearing out

    We are running 1400psi out of our Hot Rinse but we are finding that our hoses are wearing out and fraying where they come into contact with the cement floor. Product suggestions on better quality single-ply high pressure hoses and/or sleeves to put over top of them to prevent them from wearing...