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Randy, I need a controller for a Hamilton Auto-Cashier Model# ACW-5-CRC The Controller Model# ACW v4.20C . I read in former threads where a spare might be available. Hamilton has it new for $1600 (too high for the present budget). Damage to the original board probably deem it non repairable. I've followed the forum for years and just, recently joined the posts. Thanks, Bill Bramlett
I might have one, I'll have to look. Are you using Cryptopay?

No, not using Cryptopay. Text me a phone # or e-mail address -I'll send a couple of photos of the controller board. Bill Bramlett 901-486-8493
Hello. I saw your comment on a post expressing displeasure with DRB's Patheon. I work for DRB and would like to help you resolve any issues you may have. Can you provide your name, wash name, location code and best way to reach you? Thanks, Julie
Hi my name is Timm . My number is 518-469-1319. I came across your thread I have the same machine I have had the same problems. Give me a call if you still need help with it and you want to talk.