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Locating people ready, willing, and able to put their phone down for 5 minutes so they can work or learn the task at hand.
Locating people ready, willing, and able to work on a dependable basis.
Locating people ready, willing, and able to learn a trade...any trade.
Locating people with realistic expectations.
Locating people to employ.
I saw your post on your new camera system. Can you share which system you installed? Looking to upgrade my 8-year-old system that stinks. Thanks, David
Bought from a local guy, I have 16 cameras And a new DVR that will process 2K cameras. It makes a huge difference. My old system was worthless. Now I can read tag numbers and that creates a whole new issue. All in I have around $2500 on the system now. The only thing I still need is a 4K monitor. I am in Tennessee but would be glad to give you my guys number if you are close.
David Rolf
Thanks for the feedback. I'm out west and looking for something turnkey I can install. Mep suggested a couple to me and may go that route. Thanks, David
I see the reason for sale. Is it still installed or has it already been removed
Still installed and working good. Just had a good Friday and sat. for wash count after the long cold spell!