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Looking for info regarding the Pulse time between a Hamilton ACW and a D&S 5000?? Cash and credit cards work fine, but I have an Everwash add / wash card that won't activate the wash, any thoughts?
Hey all, this is my first post on the forum pretty new to the business love the things you guys post. I have a few self serve bays and 1 auto bay looking to replace my auto equip. Currently have a 2000 d&s 5000 little wore out but washes cars good. Im seriously considering the complete i5000 system i have a guy that sells them he said $60,000 for a used “refurbished” pump station, gantry, stainless arches
Exact Model # & the dies along with pics would be helpful. I have a UPS acct. I am wondering if it has to be shipped freight &/or how heavy it is etc?
Hey I will get all that info this evening I have went to the wash already I can take plenty of pictures and weigh it for you my cell number is 919-724-2130 if you give me yours I can text you all the info this evening thanks.Thomas