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Hey I saw your post about the Hamilton Power Supply 60-2012A that we really only need the board DC Power supply board Part #49-9304. I guess that means we don't need to buy the casing again just replace the guts on the inside?? Can you advise how much for the board? Do you this have and supply them? How do we order if this is correct?
Yes the softener was stopped up. Used bypass and pressure went up. Repair guy has not given me a price yet. I will owe him a service call if he is not chosen.
Was on other side of town about 45 minutes each way. He is going to get new head and seals for tank.
I know several places including tunnels where the business seller (who was leasing the building) was begging for someone to offer him any amount for the place.

I would just sell whenever you are ready to retire or move on. Less hassle for you, you get a nice pump sum of money, and you can purchase your yacht
Where in PA are you located as PA is a big state? Looking for another project after fixing up the two washes I currently own if you decide you are ready to sell them. Leases are not worth much to a buyer as the buyer has all the risk if business turns down (like with CV) or the equipment requires expensive repairs or even replacement.