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worldpay fee etc.........

Hi Aaron

I hope your new razors are doing great! Mine is 'in progress' and the electrician is taking his time.

Hey, do you still have the 'opt out' link for the worldpay fee thing?


New Washdog
Hi Dave,

All three bays are operational but the install is not complete. But we are now running, so there's that!
I've racked my brain a bit and I don't recall what your talking about regarding an opt out link for a worldpay fee. I checked all my posts on here and can't seem to find anything? Could it have been someone else?
Wish I could be more helpful!
What model Wyndstar does it operate? How old is it?
I don't know if you received the message I wrote you. If you did fine if you didn't you can contact me through my email timmb@reagan.com .this forum it's very difficult to communicate through.
Looking for a company in south Florida to service a self service carwash. A lot of different problems including new equipment to be installed.