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  1. S

    Which is the fastest and affordable car detailing service provider in Fredericksburg?

    I am a businessman and don't have free time to sit at car detailing workshop. I need some fast car detailing service provider in Fredericksburg, If anyone can name some professional car detailers, please let me know.
  2. E

    What is the name of this equipment?

    Hello carwashforum community. Recently, I have a small contest going on among the customers in a car wash shop. The question is, what is the exact name of the foam equipment used In the picture. Thank you for helping me. Have a nice day!
  3. R

    How to remove red spots from white car after car wash

    Hello I have used Meguiar's gold car wash on my car and i didn't rains it properly so i have red spots all over my car. Any advise how to remove those? Thanks
  4. RobertRo

    Best detergents for touchless IBAs

    I'm planning to buy a touchless IBA from Istobal for a new car wash, I don't have any experience with car washes. What detergents do you recommend for a touchless system?
  5. Austin.james96

    Ryko soft gloss MAXX

    Hey guys, so I’ve got a ryko soft gloss Maxx machine. I’m some what new to the car wash business but I’ve got an issue. Ever since I’ve started last october I’ve got one particular issue on my mind. Occasionally someone will be getting their car wash of course, and the machine will just stop...