1. Rooster’s Car Wash

    Gun Vibrations

    I am at wits end. I have a 4 bay. Bay 1 and 4 guns vibrate heavily after a bad winter freeze. Bay 1 more than 4. I have had to turn the PSI down to stop the vibrations. I operate at 1200psi but have it down to 500 so it won’t vibrate. I have opened the valve by the reservoir tank. I have raised...
  2. Rooster’s Car Wash


    I have two washes and need funding. I have an LLC but can’t get approved for a personal business loan. Where can I get a loan? My DBA is almost 1 year old and my LLC is only a couple months old. Most banks want you to wait 2 years. Need money now for renovations/remodeling/repairs. Also, where...
  3. J

    Pricing On New York Touchless Car wash equipement

    Good day all- I am looking for information on the equipment as a whole, the price it would be per bay. Is there a preferred brand? A distributor informed me of an astronomical number per bay OTD price and I can't help but think this is a rip-off. I am new to the field so any info will be...
  4. J

    Ceramic Coating

    I've heard about a new ceramic coating by Xpel that my local paint protection shop is offering. I was wondering if anyone else is using it or knows anything about it. The shop is LineZero Protection, and I know they're legit, but it seems to be very new stuff and I'm just uncertain. thank you!
  5. J

    Tire Shine build up on concrete

    Anyone have a solution of not having excess tire shine build up on the exit apron of the carwash? usually have to hotsy it off every couple of weeks. any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  6. S

    Buying a car wash

    I’m buying a car wash. It is run down, neglected on operation & upkeep. This will be my first. It is a 12 bay. 10 self serve, 1 automatic & one empty that had an automatic but has been removed. I have a few questions. I’m wanting to make 1/2 of the wash to accept cashless pay. Currently only...
  7. G

    Help for a Noobie - Number of vehicles, Spend per vehicle?

    Hello Everyone, I am completely new to this industry and I am currently looking to purchase a SS 4 bay with 3 vacuums. These appear to be great investments, but I am struggling to understand / confirm an approximate income and average maintenance costs, etc. to justify the purchase. While I...
  8. W

    Hydrominder Issues

    Well, at least I think its a potential hydrominder issue. Our high pressure wash soap peters out over time. Check valve on the cat pump has been replaced. Hydrominder has been replaced. If we hold down on the chain and fill the tank, it instantly starts working in all 3 bays again. If we let the...
  9. Austin.james96

    Signature series self serve-Ryko

    I’ve got a signature series by Ryko, I’ve got an issue with my motors I believe. I can run the self serve like normal using the high pressure rinse, or spotless. Not all the time, but occasionally, all the motors will stop. Timer will still be active, can still use everything else but anything...
  10. Austin.james96

    Ryko signature series

    Hey guys, I’ve got a Ryko signature series self serve station. I had this issue with bay 3 with a solenoid that was bad holding my valve open. Before I ordered the block with new solenoids/coils I was tinkering with it and pulled the solenoid/coil off and went outside to mess with bay 3 from the...
  11. W

    Oasis Monsoon trouble

    Hello all, me and my wife recently purchased a car wash and are very green to the car wash world. We have started to get our hands dirty fixing minor break downs and such. We are having a problem with our oasis monsoon automatic. It continues to throw the down stroke front fault. A car will be...
  12. J

    Flojets not working on any bay

    I’m new to the world of Carwash ownership and figuring it out as I go. I have lost all pressure on all low pressure items in all 4 bays. D&S setup, cat pumps, flojet g57, d&s meter boxes. The high pressure items work. Pressures are all reading good, air compressor is working good, tanks all have...
  13. Austin.james96

    Ryko soft gloss MAXX

    Hey guys, so I’ve got a ryko soft gloss Maxx machine. I’m some what new to the car wash business but I’ve got an issue. Ever since I’ve started last october I’ve got one particular issue on my mind. Occasionally someone will be getting their car wash of course, and the machine will just stop...