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    New parts for PDQ M5

    I've swapped out my last M5 for a new 360 Plus. I have some new parts on my shelf that I don't need anymore. I asked my PDQ distributor what I had paid for the parts. That retail price is included, as well as what I'll sell them for. 6 new Festoon rollers - $37ea = $222 Sale Price = $110...
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    Switching to count up.

    We've had count up timers in our SS bays for 10yrs now. We have Carolina Pride's Mercury Payment System. Proper signage is critical, though we do still have newbies drive off leaving the timer running. It maxes out at 18 minutes. Yes, some customers will pull in and use the free time to wash...
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    Unlimited Pass - Why are they offered?

    I'm in Corning, along the NY/PA border. The closest Classy Chassis is in Watkins Glen, and Elmira which are both 15miles away.
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    Unlimited Pass - Why are they offered?

    This has been an interesting thread. Fortunately, in my immediate area, we don't have any operators that have gone to the Unlimited Plan yet. Hoffman's is 40 miles away in Vestal, and Delta Sonic is 90 miles away in Rochester. We have strong competition with 10 IBA's, 8 SS and an express...
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    GINSAN RO Canister End Caps Leak

    I think that's exactly what is happening. It's the local distributor's technicians that are servicing the machine, and they assure me they aren't over tightening them.
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    2 Axhiom printers for PDQ Access Units

    Printers work fine. I purchased the newer version a few years ago but never bothered to sell these. $75 for the pair + shipping.
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    GINSAN RO Canister End Caps Leak

    I have a 1yr old RO unit from Ginsan, and the plastic endcaps on the membrane canisters keep leaking. They've been replaced once already, but they appear to crack where the brass nipples are screwed in. Has anyone ever found stainless or aluminum endcaps made by someone to replace these...
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    Rebuilding AirLift Magna Glides

    Does anyone have a solution for rebuilding a Magna Glide? I have 8 of them that the internal slide seals are shot and they won’t work. My distributor says Airlift sells new ones and refurbished ones, but doesn’t have a program where you can send yours in for repair and return. They will give...
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    Hamilton Bill Stackers for Coin Machine

    I have 4 Hamilton Bill Stackers that were in our DRS Changers. We upgraded to Mars units. 2 Stackers are 2004 vintage, and two are 2015. All worked fine when they were removed. Asking $100 (plus shipping) for all four units combined.
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    Carolina Pride 3X Foam Systems

    Triple Foam system for Self Serve Bays. I have one that's a 3 bay system, and another that's a 4 bay system. They were new in 2009, worked well until we removed them from the wash locations. Complete units, including the SS booms for the bays. Asking $1.500 for 4-bay unit, and $1,200 for...
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    Rebuilding a Mosmatic Z-Boom

    Does anyone has any tips on rebuilding a Mosmatic Z-Boom. We have them in 8 Self Serve bays and a couple have worn out bearings. Bought the bearings from Mosmatic, but can't seem to figure out how to disassemble them in order to install the new bearings. Have taken them to a local machine...
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    The verdict is in! (trash problem)

    I have 3 wash locations and eliminated the trash cans at one of them about 8yrs ago. It was near the entrance to the City park and every weekend we'd end up with 20lbs of macaroni salad and other picnic trash. Pulling them did not effect my vac business at all. The younger crowd were the only...
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    Carolina Pride exhorbitant freight charges

    I've been a regular customer of Carolina Pride, have invested in 3 of their self serve systems for different wash locations I own. They have good equipment, and for the most part require very little maintenance. Recently I noticed when buying CP specific parts from them, they tend to over...
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    Shallco 10 position switches failing prematurely

    We use Shallco Series 1610 - 10 position rotary switches in our self serve bays and have experienced a higher than normal rate of failure in the last year. One recently "locked up" after only being in use for 2 months. Shallco is very good about warranty returns, and replacements. I just...
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    PDQ L360 issues with no Pre Soak

    Thanks for the responses guys. Regarding the "Bad" barrel of presoak, that's certainly a plausible cause but I don't think its our root cause. Our equipment room is heated and the "no soap" issue is intermittent, meaning it can happen to one car and the next 10 are just fine. If it happens to...