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    Wash Select II cameras

    Hi, I am trying to install cameras inside our WSII's. Unitec/DRB does not sell them. Where could i find them? Thanks
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    WashWorld Razor

    Hi, we are in the process of replacing one of our Laser 4000 with a WashWorld Razor, we think is a good machine and we are getting a good deal. Of course nobody will tell us the bad stuff from what they my question is what strange things we could foresee in a near future? Thanks
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    PDQ Laser 4000

    Hi, we fixed the LP pump and all the other small issues and machine is working great. Said that, our next issues are dryers, they are not drying enough and customers complain all the time. We are thinking to replace them with stand dryers, ho are the WW dryers? since we still have in mind to...
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    PDQ Laser 4000

    Hi, I replaced the rollers already. WW rollers worked and was almost 40% cheaper than PDQ ones.
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    PDQ LAser 4000 Dryers

    Hi, we have a laser 4000 and is working ok for a 20 plus years old machine. Our only issue are dryers, customers complain all the time and def. we know they do not dry enough or as good as new ones. Our service comp. says that they are old tech. and they are ok and we can't get more from...
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    Re wash codes for people not paying attention to back up light

    Yes, you are lucky. WE have WSII's and we can create a one time option and more than half of the time I have to check CCTV and show them they already used the Most the time, is the same car in the camera the one in front of
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    Re wash codes for people not paying attention to back up light

    Hi Chaz, we definitely will always give a rewash code, 99% of the time customers are happy with that. In that way they come again to use it. A bad Google review for this kind of thing worth more than a rewash. Just wondering how it is handle in different areas.
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    Re wash codes for people not paying attention to back up light

    Hi, we normally give rewash code when this happens, after verifying with our CCTV of course, was wondering how other locations handle this particularly case. Last night a gentleman came and try to use two of our machines, soft touch and touch free and in both he couldn't see the signs, he was...
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    PDQ Laser 4000

    Hi, we have a PDQ L4000 that is doing a great job for many years. Our only downside with that machine are the dryers. They are not moving anymore and barely drying cars. We are planning to replace them with outside stand by dryers but before that we would like to perform a "tune up" to our...
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    Triple foam boom

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    Air Shamee's fuses

    Hi, thanks for your answer. How often do you change motors?...we installed the dryers in 2017 and this is the first time we had a problem, and customers use them all the time. I think we have been like with
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    Air Shamee's fuses

    Hi, thanks for your answer. I purchased new fuse holders and replaced them. Actually spent all afternoon checking all our 5 bays and replaced many more fuses and fuse holders than I expected. Even if the motor was working when I tried to pull the fuse to check it it was stuck inside. Thanks...
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    Air Shamee's fuses

    Hi, one my bay dryers stopped working 2 of the 3 motors during this past weekend. I just replaced them but still not working, tried to verified the fuse but is stuck inside and can not pull it out so I am assuming that could be the problem. Do we really need them? can I bypass them? Each one of...
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    Recording personalized messages at Unitec WSII

    Hello, we are trying to change some of the messages of our WSII's (we have 5 ) so replacing them is not a simple decision. WE want to push more our unlimited plans. Any idea? someone had done it in the past? Per Unitec you can only record partially messages and insert them to the ones already...
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    Also, when customers swipe their cards, assuming count up, they will use more time/money and if you are doing count down, the same, they dont realize the times the button is press to add more time. After Covid we opened just CC and we are doing great. Vacuums is another story, still with coins...