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    AVW/MCE Belt Conveyor System - Glide Plates

    Just looked up the toggle clamps you mentioned daverdnob and was wondering how the clamp is used and where your attaching it to? I'm assuming your using it to bring the belts together/holding it in place to remove connecting rods? Usually we park a car at the opposite end of the drive and...
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    Using hp hose, for hydraulics

    Just make sure to either shrink wrap your hose fittings or spray it with clear enamel to slow down the rusting and corrosion if exposed to the elements.
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    Looking to build a conveyor tunnel wash with a water reclaim.

    I think this comes down to if your state/county requires a reclaim to be installed, followed by the water and sewer rate. Our water rates are pretty high so I'm glad we have a reclaim system, but as you said, maintenance costs are high. Pumping out pits from the sludge, pump failures, and...
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    SS, Laundromat with Reclaim

    *edit, just read reclaim from the laundromat to the wash, I believe it could be done, you'd run into issues with lack of water on busy days I'd assume.
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    Bank not taking coins

    Funny how the tables have turned, banks are now welcoming coins as are businesses as a form of payment to fight the coin shortage.
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    Car wash equipment install

    Does anyone do any installs for conveyor tunnels around the Virginia area? We are looking to put in a few extra pieces of equipment such as lights and additional functions.
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    Rebuilding pressure regulators?

    Great, thanks for your reply as well as the link! I'll go ahead and purchase a new one for replacement while I rebuild the old one. For the build portion, I'm assuming everything the kit comes with gets replaced and nothing special is involved?
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    Rebuilding pressure regulators?

    Are you able to rebuild these pressure regulators? I am having one or two leaking water from the back and have read that it is possible, but this would be my first time trying to maintain one. Are there any signs I should be aware of that would point to a replacement vs. rebuild? The only...
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    Aqua Bio Technologies - Cyclone Filter Drain Basin Issue

    We use Aqua Bio Technologies as our reclaim system provider at our wash. Recently, we've had a build up of sludge collecting in our cyclone drain basin trough and water is filling up all the way up to the cyclone drain cones. Water level doesn't reach any higher than that but it's obviously not...
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    For operators that do NOT push in side view mirrors.....

    Sorry to resurrect an older thread, but does anyone know how to program the wrap bump out for the Guardian Control system from Tommy?
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    Vac nozzles

    I'm assuming this would also work for long reach nozzles?
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    Car Wash Timing Issue

    Try running your track with and without a vehicle and observe both scenarios for a few minutes and watch your pulse sensor itself. Your pulse sensor should have a pulse light that activates as it senses the sprocket, bolt, etc. Sometimes the pulse sensor won't register a bolt which you would...
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    Bug sponge/scrubber

    The yellow bug blocks are effective.. if used properly. As others have mentioned, it should definitely not be used dry, we train our employees to thoroughly wet the surface of the area where the insects are, then the sponge, and then gently scrub the area while periodically checking to see if...
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    Toyota Mirror Cover

    Only for large trucks that have extended mirrors. Some customers request to have their mirrors folded in regardless. I have seen mirrors get ripped off completely, especially older model vehicles like the F150's which had the chrome arms and swiveling mirrors. I have seen some customers loosely...
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    Toyota Mirror Cover

    Haven't had any issues here either. Alot of Toyota SUV's though have a really bad problem with roof lining trim falling out.