triple foam

  1. Rooster’s Car Wash


    I need to hire a detailer. I am located in Mesquite, Tx. I need to hire an equipment installer. I want to install foam pre-soak gun, in-bay air dryer, tire foam brush. I want to install a timer or at least have the sound so customers know when to add more quarters before it turns off.
  2. K

    Low Pressure Application Issues

    Hello, I'm currently looking for some advice as it comes to making sure the LP applicatitentons in a 8 bay are consis and apply fast. Currently we have presoak, tire degreaser, bug off, and triple foam running through the hoses. The presoak and tire degreaser work well in most bays but the bug...
  3. R

    Triple Foam Pucks (for WW2)

    Does anyone know where I can find the triple foam pucks like this? I ordered replacement from Coleman Hanna but they use the stainless curved bar (right side of the last picture) now. Thank you.
  4. C

    Power-Shine Pro Powered by Simoniz

    Hey everyone, I hope you are all having a great day! I'm new to this forum. We have been seeing this new product show up lately (Power-Shine Pro Powered by Simoniz) and are wondering what this stuff is, as I have not seen anything about it online. We have always used the stuff on the left, so we...
  5. S

    WW 2.0 triple shine coating comes out stronger on one side than the other.

    Our Wonder Wizard 2.0 seems to really pump it out from the right side and not nearly as much on the left side. Anyone seen or dealt with this before? Seems to cover 75% of car from right side and 25% coverage on left where equal from both sides would be more ideal.