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    Touchless ss bays. What are your thoughts

    I just changed out my Triple Foam Wax guns to Wheel & Tire Cleaner brushes. I used a foam brush handle & round head brush. Biggest improvement and ADDED USAGE I've seen in a while. Lots of people are using them, and rarely saw the triple foam wax guns being used. I simply T'd the low...
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    Need suggestions on area/parking lot LED floodlights

    I have installed several Cree brand parking lot lights, as well as several Cree brand canopy fixtures in the bays. Very nice, and have a 10 year warranty. Most of the Cree fixtures came from Sunbelt Car Wash Services Also, I converted several metal halide wall...
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    Ice Vending

    YOU DON'T!!
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    Help me break in!!

    Maybe a large screw extractor?
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    Vote and pick my new car wash name

    Possibly name it after a local or area school mascot.
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    Southeast Missouri ACW thief caught
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    Ryko $99,999 installed special

    I wish I needed one right now! JPRB
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    Is anyone out there using C K Enterprises soap
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    Is anyone out there using C K Enterprises soap

    I use it on a touch free automatic and self service bays. It does a great job cleaning. They have the best triple foam wax I’ve found. Love the SCUBA system. It’s very convenient and easy to use.
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    Ryko Bi-Fold Window Reinstall

    (I don't know what these doors are. I'm using what I learned on a hardtop Jeep window with a rubber frame) Put a nylon cord/rope into the rubber gasket, all the way around. Then put the window into place. Pull the cord out toward you to pull the gasket out around the window. JPRB
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    Superwash Supermatic Autmatic Parts

    I have some of the relay modules for an old Super Wash computer. Wash was installed in 1996. Let me know if you need them. JPRB
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    wire mesh inlet strainer

    I'd try Dultmeier. With their Ag/Lawn divisions, they should have something! JPRB
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    2017 ICA Convention

    Is there an opening night event this year? Haven't seen anything about it.
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    Depositing Quarters

    Get a coin scale if you have all quarters, and don't need to sort coins. They are as accurate at counter, and much quicker. I've never paid money to deposit my money. I'd find another bank.
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    Lettering for vinyl door

    Glad it worked out! Got any photos?? JPRB