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    Vinyl numbers?

    Plus when you use a sign company the spacing will be correct and level.
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    New Owner and retro fit!

    At a couple of our locations the changers are shut off at night, we just use a simple timer on the outlet. One location is only cash and not effected by not having a changer at night. Most washes don’t get much use between 12 am - 6 am. Sometimes when we are getting our changers drained we will...
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    VAC IT UP SYSTEM Questions

    We have a vac it up at one of our locations. It was put in when the building was being built(11+ years ago) so all the lines are under ground. It is connected to all the self serve bays(3) and the vacuums(6). The only real issue is when the motors go out and you don’t catch it until you have a...
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    People pulling out fragrance machine hose

    Take a grinder and shave enough off the black hose so it will still be tight in the hole but will extend past the nut and then put a hose clamp on it.
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    New Washify Pay Station for IBA's

    From my conversations with Washify, the standard includes the owner app which to me would not be any different then paying for Hamilton’s Hosted Solutions. It is also my understanding that the fee for pay at the pump includes the hardware, so you are buying a POS 4000 or Hamilton’s $7000 code...
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    Advice on Replacing my Automatic

    Will a Cube fit in your small bay? With a big tunnel around the corner I think I would think about going touchless. From what I know we have not had near the issues from our kondor as they have had with the cube. The cube is a first generation machine, I think they are still working out some of...
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    In bay vacuums Systems

    I’m no tech but I would think all you need to do is put in a relay that would activate the vacuum when that is selected on the bay meter.
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    Opinion on Cryptopay for IBA

    A hacksaw blade is the best tool to get coins out of the credit card reader. Put the blade on top of the coins and they will roll out with a little pull.
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    Jetting clogged drain in your area

    I don’t doubt that more pressure would be more effective but I have always used this with a cat 310 from a ss bay and it has always gotten the job done. I have also found if I clean out my pits a little sooner the less this tool becomes necessary.
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    Jetting clogged drain in your area

    This is what we use.
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    New Washify Pay Station for IBA's

    What do you get for the monthly fee of $69+$49+$25+$25=$168?
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    Paystation that dispenses tokens for Free vacs?

    The Guardian XP by Standard Changer-Maker will do what you want. I believe they cost about the same as a Goldline. The cabinet is the same size as a Goldline which makes conversion easier.
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    Foam brush holders

    Our foam brush are mounted vertical and in buckets, have been for years. We also weep in the cold months and being in the buckets helps keep the bristles on the brushes from freezing.
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    Switch to DAN ?

    The reason they can not be updated is they are running windows xp. Just like all computers currently running XP they are no longer supported by any software. A DAN running windows 7 or 10 is upgradeable. Just did a windows 7 DAN upgrade on Monday.
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    Unitec Portal TI - updated

    Update: I have been able to power the unit on. It powered up fine. The screen, coin mech and dollar bill acceptor all worked. It would recognize a card swipe, I am unable to test the processing. It appears to be a good working unit. I am not familiar with the Portals so I am telling you...