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PDQ LaserWash® 360 In-Bay Automatic Wash System Named “Product of the Year”

PDQ Manufacturing

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Apr 8, 2008
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De Pere, WI
PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., is proud to announce that its LaserWash® 360 In-Bay Automatic Vehicle Wash System was selected as a “Product of the Year 2013” in the category Group III: Equipment Services Related at the recent 2013 International Petrol Station Trade Fair. The event was held from May 8-10 at the Warsaw International Expocenter in Warsaw, Poland.

The Product of the Year competition is aimed at highlighting the leading products and services that are presented during the Petrol Station Trade Fair, all, of which must have certifications and permits for use in Poland. The judging was done by a committee that had been appointed by the Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels. The committee was comprised of industry experts from the oil sector, civil servants and representatives of potential users of the products. When selecting the honorees, the judging committee took into account the level of modernity of the product technologies, their utilitarian and aesthetic qualities, and the overall novelty of the solution or system.

PDQ’s innovative LaserWash 360 vehicle-wash system fit the contest parameters because it has been designed to deliver significantly faster wash times that help maximize revenue-generating vehicle throughput opportunities. The LaserWash 360 also has unlimited wash-package configurations and multiple service offerings that give customers a full array of wash choices. The LaserWash 360 has also been designed to optimize operator costs by minimizing water requirements, reducing electrical consumption and lowering chemical usage. In April, PDQ announced the latest upgrade to the LaserWash 360 system, the LaserGlow Illumination Effect System, which has been specifically designed to improve customer flow by illuminating wash bays, day or night, while helping safely guide customers through the vehicle entry process.

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