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Pay Pal Chip & Tap


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Sep 7, 2007
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North Dakota
When "Paypal Here's" first first version came out they had free readers that only had the swipe. We accommodated some BtoB customers early on when it came to selling our Coinco Paper Tokens. As the EMV requirement came along we did not update & we were able to convince the Paper Token Commercial buyers to just use company checks.

I do like Waxman sharing a "heads up" on "Paypal Here's" latest & most current version.

Does anybody see a path for this device to be automated??? It probably would take some serious software integration with whatever self service interfacing equipment among other issues.

I guess this is related ... I personally think that there are so many workarounds ... company washing money wrongly used for personal washing along with the IRS possibly thinking that CC is a panacea against fraud & abuse ... are delusional if they really thoroughly examine how flawed that specific level of protection is!!!

Like I have said before ... I am pretty sure that ATM technology is much more mature & do-able long term wise! That is based on over 8 years of owning our own ATM. If the ATM would give out coins like they do in some countries ... that would make them even more practical IMHO.