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I have 2 locations ina town of 50,000. One location has 6 self serve bays another has 5 self serve and a newly installed Razor edge. My car count went up 20 car a day. There is 2 tunnels moving into town how bad will this hurt me. Thank you


It depends. Your locations cater to people in one of two niches. Those that want to take the time to do it themselves and those that only want touchless washing. Most new tunnels can't win these people over. Focus on being the best self serve and touchless car wash and you should be okay. If you can't clean with the new tunnels and give your fans what they want then you will be in trouble.


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Exactly what PEI said. I have a single bay with a Razor in a town of 90,000 and we've had 4 tunnels move in over the past couple of years and it hasn't hurt me at all.



I know it can be frightening because its out of your control therefore focus on what you can control.....your wash and the quality of service and products you offer. Make sure everything is working as it should and the place is as clean as can be. I am a big stickler with my guys that help me to make sure any part of the wash that a customer comes in direct contact with i.e. gun handles in the bay, meter doors, vac claws, vending machines are always to be clean or cleaned and left spotless. Customers are coming to wash and clean their cars they don't want to get dirty in the process of doing it. Also my and my guys are always asking any customer that we see on sight how things worked for them...most everyone says great to which I say awesome thanks please tell your friends and family how great we are. If they say something didn't work right then money refunded no questions asked and I apologize. There is nothing you can do about a new tunnel coming in to your market just focus on your wash. I have a ss that was converted to a mini tunnel with free vacs 1 mile from me. I think he did the conversion after I re-opened my site. The other direction I have a ss and tunnel about 2.2 miles from me. The ss went out of business a year and half after I re-opened my location.....related to me opening I don't know don't care I just try to do the best I can at my location.