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Our County's Refugee Decision yesterday evening from 6-10PM


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Sep 7, 2007
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North Dakota
Yesterday evening I made it a point to listen via a "rural over the air antenna" (not just cable) TV channel BEK Communication... a very emotionally charged public input meeting held by our local county commission. What was planned to be 2 hours of testimony turned out to be 4 hours. At 240 minutes the average testimony being about 2.4 minutes meant that around 100 local people testified.

Long story short, I am proud that a fellow laundry person (Jerry Woodcox) was the elected member of the commission who offered the proper conditions for refugee entry into our county ... and is what was finally passed in the end by a narrow 3-2 vote. The amended previous "Carte Blanche" stipulated that the moving in was limited to a specific number & that local cost data would be gathered so for 2021 both the public & the current commission at that future time would have a better basis for decision-making rather than just "wild expressions of feelings & political posturing".

I believe Burleigh County even got some national & international "hot seat" publicity based on the potential "NO" vote.