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Memorial Day and our veterans


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Sep 3, 2007
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I sometimes wonder if somehow when I wake up, that I've been teleported to a slightly different universe .We are in the midst of a slow invasion on our southern border. We are welcoming thousands of people, giving them a place to stay and food to eat. Many are given working visas to find jobs. And at the same time we have thousands of our veterans living on the streets and fending for themselves. Do a search for Mission 22. It was started to help stop the suicides of 22 of our veterans every single day. Many need medical help, and our former wonderful president Obama had special medical facilities built on the border for transgender illegal aliens. I thought it was wrong when I got out of the marines after a tour in Viet Nam. We were advised not to wear our uniforms coming home. There were no parades. Even the VFW at the time didn't allow Nam vets to join because it wasn't a "real" war. But at least if we needed help, we could get it. For today's vets it can be very sad. Here is a link that seems to put it all together:
Semper Fi everyone.