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Laundry extractor queries and questions

Sep 22, 2022
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Hey guys, I’m gonna be picking up a laundry extractor for personal use, does anybody have any tips and tricks on how to repair and maintain them?

yes, you can say that they are a deathtrap here, criticisms and comments are welcome

This is actually my second extractor, the first one that I picked up is a manually operated Bock extractor with the handle at the rear of the machine that does three things, (in this order), it releases the brake, engages the lid lock, and then closes the switch to start the motor, I think it’s potentially a 6 pound extractor, I’ve never actually been truly able to figure out its capacity, as for a 10 pound load, I have to split it in two

this new one that I’m getting appears to be one of the fully automatic extractors where you load it, insert the coin, then hold the lid down for about five seconds then the lid locks, and then it does its thing, and when it’s done it opens the lid

It looks like that this one was previously a coin operated model, but then was probably changed to employee only IMG_0870.png IMG_0871.png IMG_0873.png IMG_0874.png