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A Special 10% Discount on the lastest RK Kliebenstein Books


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Aug 28, 2007
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Tri-Cities, WA
RK one of the smartest guys in the Self Storage Business is a friend of mine and I talked him into a great deal for you guys. Check out the Classifieds to take advantage of this offer.

Save $ by ordering both books in this reference series on How to Make Money In Self-Storage and How to Make MORE Money in Self Storage. These books will quickly become the number one reference books for self-storage operators who want to increase revenues, decrease expenses, and create equity. The books are the work product of two pioneers in the self-storage industry, RK Kliebenstein and Jennifer LeClaire. These are great resources that should be shared with managers, investors, bankers, and anyone who has an interest in self-storage. Some of the greatest minds in self-storage, Hardy Good, Jim Chiswell, Derek Naylor, and Kelly Perdew have rave reviews for these two books.

There are also deals on the individual books too.