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    What kind of soap? Their VIPER HC has an amazing cleaning ability using only a one step presoak process. Highly recommended.
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    How many guys have 2 IBA's?

    Multiple in bays
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    How many guys have 2 IBA's?

    We have 2 M.I.B locations, with each having one Autec friction AES 425 and a Oasis XP touchfree. There are benefits of both and a strong customer base for both. We want to provide our customers with a choice.
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    Friction or Touchless? What do customers want?

    Mac, maybe you need to get off the tequila, lol being in this business for 22 yrs with a full service conveyor wash, 2 multi bay locations with friction and touchless side by side, i can assure you that with the right chemical a mitter cleans extremely well and i don't care what kind of...
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    Friction or Touchless? What do customers want?

    Autec has no competition out there. Their AES 425 friction unit is a WORK HORSE and out cleans any other friction unit on the market. Now granted the chemicals you buy play a huge part in the cleaning process!
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    Hard water for the high pressure rinse in automatics

    Not your imagination, and i bet vehicles are coming out drier as well!
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    Why Car Washes are Bad for your Car

    More Car Wash bashing, this time from CHEMICAL GUYS
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    Synergy Soutions1

    Is anyone by any chance using Synergy Solutions1 car wash products, particularly their presoak named "Image Plus" on their touchfree units and if so your thoughts.
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    Touchless Automatic Numbers

    We have a 10 year old multiple in bay facility with 1 Oasis XP touchfree and 1 Autec friction unit located in Canada. We wash an average of 3600 cars per month with a average price of $13.00 Cdn per vehicle. Best week to date, was in March of this year, with 1644 cars washed in a week! Why...
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    Negative Ad posted by Chemical Guys on Facebook

    New cars are telling owners to NOT take their cars to machine car washes. Machine car washes can cause swirls, scratches, and permanent damage. Always wash your car yourself for best results!!!
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    One strong pass of High PH only, approx 3oz. the presoak remains on the vehicle for a total of 85 seconds. (Application and dwell time)
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    In bay brush automatics

    Autec hands down. We have 3 AES-425 units and these machine are top quality, consistent and extremely reliable. Our oldest unit (2006) has nearly 160,000 washes on it and it like a Rolex, takes a licking and keeps on ticking!! Autec has Fantastic Customer Service Second to None!
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    best 2pass chemical

    Absolutely, its a Highly Concentrated Carnauba high-gloss wax. Wax protection and shine with superb water beading.
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    best 2pass chemical

    Beauty Glo rinse aid for drying agent, Golden Glo Clearcoat Sealer, and Rainbow Multi Foam Detergent for triple foam. Products are EXCELLENT!!
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    one look is worth a thousand words

    No kidding!