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    I also use the 1/4 inch hose with 3/8s fittings. You can notice a small difference in bay pressure between 1/4 and 3/8 but it is small. The heavier 3/8 hoses tend to weather crack quicker around the gun due to more weight.
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    My car wash is located in ________

    My car wash is in the NOrthwest and the first 6 months of the year were high precipitation but the last month has been almost perfect.
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    Poll: Profits are up?

    Last June was a perfect weather month and maybe my best June ever for SS sales. Summer was a Little slow to come this year but sales broke out very good the last 2 weeks. Since I had a price raise since last June the profits were up overall.
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    All I have ever used is coiled foamy brush hoses and have had very few problems. I hate straight hoses on the foamy brush as they slap the car a lot more IMO than the coiled hose. Be sure to get the hoses with swivels on each end and you will have few problems with them tangling. Plus coil hoses...
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    Ryko OHD Holding Tank Overflowing

    Slash007 I forgot to mention to check the small water hose that runs out and cools the bearings. The return line from them comes back to your holding tank and can also fill the tank. Just discovered one of mine that was cycling the water when the wash was not running.
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    I gotta get this cleaned up before the wife sees it.

    Oh My as Bob Costas would say.
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    Wheel guides

    I have one ryko that uses treadles/pressure pads. The guide rails start out flared out and then come in and go straight to steer the car in the right position.
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    Ryko OHD Holding Tank Overflowing

    Kleenrite does not normally carry them but I have had them order for me usually 3 to 4 at a time for under $200 each.
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    Ryko OHD Holding Tank Overflowing

    I noticed one of my large tanks is slowly over filling. it is the 1 1/4 inch electric solenoid. I have had luck just replacing the top half of the solenoid and replacing with a new top to save taking everything apart. It will depend on the small inlet orfice that the stem seals to.
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    Ryko OHD Holding Tank Overflowing

    Have you checked the air solenoid that is used to activate the large Lexair valve? it should shut off complete. I have sprayed silicone into the air passage of the lexair valve in the past and that has helped sticky valves.
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    New To The Business

    Owners I have talked to that have put in a dog wash have different veiws. They all say they take a lot of time. Clean up after almost each dog if you are running it right. disinfecting etc. Most tell me they would not do it again but some really like it. Check with your insurance before you do...
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    Population Minimum for Express

    I think he meant 3500 cars per month, otherwise a lot of competition is on the way.
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    Good online site to buy a custom banner?

    Try Kleenrite
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    Here's a New Complaint

    I checked my washes early today in the fourth. I had just come home for a bit and I get call from a guy who just left his cooler at one of the washes by accident and would I go get it and bring it to him because he was busy.
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    Steam Cleaning

    When I had my detail shop we loved the steam machine. A big bonus is that you can disinfect the steering wheel which test have shown has more germs than a toilet seat.