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    Stringers successful with MEI

    What type of Bill validator are you using.
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    Winter wiper fluid and KR Foam Brush concentrate?

    You can use methanol or RV antifreeze.
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    They just keep getting dumber.

    Last year a guy with a large enclosed trailer totaled one of my automatics. 170K for a new one and his insurance paid.
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    Dual injecting methanol and foam brush soap

    My least favorite job next to sucking mud is to thaw out foamy brush or wands so I tend to mix it a bit strong and figure the extra $100 I might spend during winter is better than trying to get enough hot water out in the bays to thaw them out.
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    Softgloss Front Gear Box Failure

    Are you sure the arms are not bent? If they are that would put a lot of stress on that flange.
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    Seal coating the lot

    The old type of sealers that worked well had to many VOC to be used now.
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    Seal coating the lot

    Now why would I be tired of winter?
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    'The Prospector" vac clean out bin~~~ ****reviews?****

    I have the regular non sifting style in many of my vacs. I generally like them but recently found a drawback to them. I must have pissed someone off because a person went around to my location and filled all vacuums with shredded paper confetti, about a full trash barrel each. In one of the vacs...
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    Bill Changer freezing up

    I installed a small cube heater in all of my Hamiltons. I run a separate power line into the back of the box.
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    Cobra Hockey Puck Locks Shroud/Ra-Lock

    All my shrouds were made for me by a local metal fab shop using stainless steel pipe.
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    KR- Excessive Shipping Charges

    I just used some of my KR points for free shipping
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    Bad juju, or how a simple problem turns into an expensive disaster

    It is always a different perspective when it is your money as owner on the line. Keep plugging away.
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    Whale a Wash Unique Damage Yesterday (Sunday)!?

    Very poor design. Our building codes do not allow a single wall that is not tied in another wall. I have built 3 concrete block car washes. Bond beams with rebar every 4 feet horizontal and bond beam every 5th course vertical. Various size rebar according to engineer. My last 4 ss bay and 2 auto...
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    Best way to heat overhead trough

    I use Raytheon winter guard wet self regulating heat cable. 25 years no problems. It has extra layer of insulation.
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    UPS Rate increase for heavy boxes

    I thought I heard on a press release that both UPS and Fedx were going up.