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    Credit Card usage increase

    Last month I paid the highest credit card fees ever. Business was good but I am seeing a increase in the overall percent of customers now using cards. Part of it may have been the so called coin shortage but a increase of over 15% usage in less than 6 months has to be credited to the COrona...
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    Hand sanitizing stations

    I have now added santizer stations at every SS bay, automatic bay and Vac island at my washes. I get the stainless ones from the Webrestaurant website that Greg mentioned early in this thread for under $20. No valdalism yet and people seemed to use them. Even if they didn't I do when every time...
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    WashWorld Razor E-Chain poly-tubing

    What chemical is being carried in the tubing? Presoak? If it is a presoak hose do not replace it with a rubber automotive type of hose. These will leach out the chemical in the presoak and eventually clog up.
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    Hog Daddy foam brush

    Yes Hog daddy are real hogs hair. No adapters needed for them. I had good luck with the plastic head synthetic bristle brushes overall. They did tend to smoosh like Greg P said but they cleaned well and were half the price of hogs hair. But you did have to modify them with a brass bushing to...
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    Hog Daddy foam brush

    Metal heads with powder coated metal and they screw in just like the Erie foam brush heads with 1/2 inch threads.
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    Flex wands and flex holders?

    I only use the spring wand holders. This time of year with all the travelers I see more snagged guns etc but the spring wand holders eliminate about 90% of the problems.
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    Hog Daddy foam brush

    I just ordered a few of the new Hog Daddy foam brushes. Here is a picture of them next to a Erie Monster Hair. The darker brush is the hog daddy and it feels and looks like the brush material is much more dense on them. Cheaper than the Erie brushes also.
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    Does any manufacturer makes a vacuum that accepts a code for a free cycle?

    You could make the token worth a dollar off the next wash or for a vac. I get more bounce back use this way than I do for a free vac. They can only use 1 token per wash.
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    Mandatory Mask Ordinances (How Will You React As a Business Owner?)

    Our county just went to a mask ordinance. I personally am not a fan of the mask but a lot of business were shut down for too long. If I wear a mask and it helps businesses stay open I will wear a mask to help them more than anything else.
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    vac nozzles

    I always put the nozzle in some very hot water before installing the swivel nut. They go together much easier and seem to swivel longer.
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    I intend to raise my self serve prices this year....

    I raised prices over a year ago and plan on staying. I get both sides of the spectrum. How dare you charge so much for a SS wash. 2. You are the cheapest price in town how do you do it.
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    Getting new meter box lids made...

    Etowah valley equipment.
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    Thoughts on other chemicals??

    Blendco is a good chemical. It is on the expensive side though. I used to use it but have switched over to the KLeenrite/simoniz products from kleenrite. I buy a high PH powder from kleenrite and mix in a surfactant through a dual tip injector like blendco and get the same results for less than...
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    Air compressor

    I use Quincy or Ingersol Rand. For a car wash a single stage compressor is plenty since we rarely use over 100 psi. Never had a problem with any of my Quincy compressors and they have 25 years on them so far.
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    rough up stainless rails for wheel traction?

    I had a old RYKO touchless unit that used inflateable tires and they were slipping on the stainless rail. I took a long strip of aluminum diamond plate and attached it to the rail surface. Never had a slipping problem again.