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    Are vacuums available? Location?

    Are vacuums available? Location?
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    I have one that needs a little work ill sell you cheap.

    I have one that needs a little work ill sell you cheap.
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    Unlimited Pass - Why are they offered?

    Running the numbers over and over, time and again. Membership is all about the numbers. I like the membership model, just dont feel it works so much with IBA sites. Works perfectly when you have capacity to handle 2500 or more members, not so much when its only a few hundred members.
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    Unlimited Pass - Why are they offered?

    MY OPINION< Unlimited memberships programs are awesome! I just cant get the numbers to work in an IBA. IBA's are rarely attended like a tunnel wash. Memberships is all about the numbers. You need to sell to every swingin di*k in your area! If not marketed/sold properly, it wont work! If you only...
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    Wash World HV strange issue

    I know this is a little bit of an older thread, but reading through this I would think it had to be either a bad tbar eye, amplifier or a connection in that circuit somewhere. If the machine passed the mid limit it then looks at the eyes to clear the vehicle. When that happens it makes its turn...
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    Cryptopay Wiring

    So are you using the Sensortron frame just to hold the heat strip? If so I'm a little confused as to why you wouldnt just put the heat strip on the faceplate itself? I always try to keep them as close to the middle of the faceplate as possible? I have had Crypto swipers for over 10 years and...
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    How to build automation for car wash self service !!

    Why not just put a vfd control and a plc together and you can control the speed of the pump/motor for different pressures/functions? I would have cleaned up my wiring in the photo's to be more presentable before posting. But hey if you got something great throw it out there! I have rehabbed...
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    Source for methanol (small quantity)

    Paul, You have a local guy in your area that sells methanol. Kelly Racing Fuels. Give him a shout with any needs. He is a great guy, just be sure to have an hour to listen to him! He loves to talk. Rich P. He is also friends with Randy K.
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    Superior Tempest blower setup

    I have a nice condition fully functional Superior Tempest blower setup pulled from a IBA available. 3- 15 hp motors center oscillating blower with stand available. Blower housings in perfect condition, never been welded. Motors are setup for 230v 3 ph. Make offer.
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    Secret to putting push-lok fittings on

    We will usually use a little heat in the winter time. I always use the wood on the end of a bench or stair rail and put the fitting against the wood two hands and my beer gut, spit on it and slam it in there wiggling back and forth a bit. Works pretty well on up to 3/4" stuff. Never had a...
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    Removing Asphalt Sealcoating

    Look and see if you have a Sealmaster distributor or a Neyra distributor in your area. There is a product called solveall that is used by sealcoaters to do some cleanup. It might work along with elbow grease. If it was a water based product and cured? It will be a pita to get off, if it was...
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    Unitec Customer Service

    Eugene, I fully understand protecting their distributors. But what about the customers? Washworld is doing the same thing! What happens when there are no "GOOD, DEPENDABLE, HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY" distributors in your area? Unitechs tech support is horrific. go online and make an appointment...
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    If you had an IBA with no heat and wanted to add it, what would you add?

    I have radiant tube heaters in both my washes. We put the heater in the equip room and sleeved the tube through the block wall into the bay. The heating units dont last in the bay. With doors and floor heat you might not need additional heat.
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    Hey Maxwell. looking to see if available? If so a little description of what is available and...

    Hey Maxwell. looking to see if available? If so a little description of what is available and details?