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    Mandatory Mask Ordinances (How Will You React As a Business Owner?)

    Thanks for all the replies. The signage idea is really good. My worry would be myself or my employees directly addressing a non-compliant customer to the ordinance and then them "losing it" and making a scene or yelling or just going crazy. The signage won't "trigger them" as much as being told...
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    Are Those "Cigarette Receptacles" Worth Getting?

    I don't smoke so I don't know the habits of they mostly toss their cigarettes onto the ground when done smoking or if you provide "cigarette receptacles" at your self-service car wash site, does that really help a bunch? I'm talking about those freestanding receptacles that have a...
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    Mandatory Mask Ordinances (How Will You React As a Business Owner?)

    So I just read that our local city department of health has nearly convinced our city council to pass a "Mandatory Mask Ordinance". Reason being...they think mask-wearing is so efficacious that by imposing this on its citizenry we will spare so many from contracting COVID-19 I guess...
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    Add or Omit Bill Acceptors with New Combination Vacuums Purchase?

    I'm in the market to replace a couple of 16-year-old combo vacs. I'm interested in the ones that have 3 fragrances & both the spot remover and shampooer options. Narrowed down to J.E. Adams or Fragramatics. My question for you is: Would you add or omit having bill acceptance available at your...
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    Unitec WashPay

    I have WashPay and my "fix" for the customer is to take a Wal-Mart bag which I always have on hand nearby, put their card into the plastic bag then swipe their card w/ that plastic bag as a "barrier" between the card's magnetic stripe and the card reader's "reading mechanism" and for some reason...
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    Biggest Pet Peeves --- and solutions

    One I can think of that shouldn't really be a huge deal but is annoying when it happens...we dispense only golden $1 coins at our bill changers but if anyone needs quarters, they simply come inside and ask as we're there 80 hours a week. Sometimes we get people who for some reason love the...
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    Dumpster Divers' Character Profile, Please?!!

    Roz ~ Oh good grief...I've been 14+ years in this business and never realized all those bobby pins and dental floss sticks were part of people screwing me over to turn on vacs somehow?!! I don't really want you detailing it here because the bad guys will then learn as well so I'm gonna...
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    Dumpster Divers' Character Profile, Please?!!

    Thanks for the additional, informative replies! So it's 10:51 pm and I was about ready for bed. I log into my security cameras and see a suspicious car in the vacuuming area so I look for activity from my other cameras and then I see a suspicious person on foot around the auto cashier area so I...
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    Dumpster Divers' Character Profile, Please?!!

    Thanks for the interesting replies! It really does seem like a sort of compulsion or thrill for them kind of like those guys you see on the beach w/ a metal detector looking for lost metal items that could be valuable? What a tragic story about the death of the employee from the dumpster lid...
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    Salting driveways and lots.

    Salting ~ A Most Important Part of Our Winter Season! We also salt, and I hold it as one of THE MOST IMPORTANT things I have to do and stay on top of to get through the winter season w/o having a staff member or a customer get hurt. We use an ice melter spreader that looks like a fertilizer...
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    Dumpster Divers' Character Profile, Please?!!

    Almost nightly but most definitely the night before our dumpster is weekly emptied out, we have "dumpster divers" who through their own volition climb into the dumpster to sift through all that garbage taking w/ them anything they find "valuable?" When I catch them on site I tell them what they...
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    To Padlock or Not Padlock Your WashSelect II's Door?

    The RA-Lock you linked to looks great for beefing up the WashSelect II's security most especially the Medeco locks w/ that "puck". Thanks so much for the great idea. I'll definitely be looking into this. The padlocks the locksmith wanted to sell me are $45.00/each and I would have needed four of...
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    To Padlock or Not Padlock Your WashSelect II's Door?

    Last night someone tried drilling into both medeco locks of my WashSelect II's door. :mad: I'm having a professional locksmith try and remove the damaged locks after my ordered replacement locks and housings arrive. So the locksmith says to me, "After you see how easily I will remove those...
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    It's the wash's fault.

    Customer says wheel rims scratched due to guide rails in touchfree automatic bay scratching them and wants me to pay for damages. Politely tell him that I take care of 100% of damages which are MY FAULT but that the guide rails are in a fixed position and then show him upon video review how...
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    Automatic Doors

    My Airlift Doors were a great investment. Highly recommend.