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    Sanitize procedure??

    From what I have determined from my research is that you might also need to use a bacteria-killing chemical, similiar to what is used in resturants in their kitchens to wipe hard surfaces down and spray on the carpets and fabric upholsteries and headliners.
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    Sno-Cone stain

    Buy a spray can of SEM leather dye. Simple to use and most effective.
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    New owner/operator

    Give me a call I’m here in Portland and can give you some suggestions Bud Abraham 503-816-7304
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    Do it yourself carpet cleaning solution

    I can give you a formula to manufacture it yourself. High quality shampoo used by detailers.
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    Hanna Wash Systems Super Bowl Commerical.

    And Hanna was a winner until beset with financial problems.....
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    New owner/operator

    With labor costs moving to and over $15 an hour why would you want to do a 100% towel dry. The movement in the industry is toward the exterior car wash model. Sure the customer wants the towel dry if they don't have to pay for it. I guarantee you that more customers will go for the lower...
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    Looking to build a conveyor tunnel wash with a water reclaim.

    The first question is where do you live? Some states, some municipalaties require them so it is a mute question. In other situations it is the cost of sewer connection. In Portland, Oregon I paid $11,000 fee for the sewer connection the same connection in California or Florida could run as...
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    Conveyor advice

    If I were you I would check the SONNY'S prices for a conveyor. Had a 100' SONNY'S conveyor in my exterior wash with no problems.
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    Replace aerosol foamy carpet cleaner with this!

    If you do not use the extractor you leave chemical and oily soil residue in the carpets. Used properly the carpets are not left more than slightly damp. Without an extractor your cleaning will quickly recoil when the chemical residue dries.
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    Replace aerosol foamy carpet cleaner with this!

    85% of the soil in carpets is dry and 15% is oily soil on the fibers. Therefore you need a thorough vacuuming to remove the oily soil. Then a light spray of carpet shampoo to emulsify the oily soil on the fibers. Friction scrub with a hand brush or rotary SHAMPOOER and then extract. Foam...
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    pet urine smell

    The ultra violet light is a good suggestion to locate the urine but you then have to get it out. You don't know if it penetrated the carpet and got into the backing. If it is the you have to remove carpeting and eliminate the odor there to. You do have to eliminate the smell by neutralizing...
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    friction after wax

    As Earl states, normally a MITTER should be flushed with fresh water and/or shampoo to wash away any previous wax. As well, to be effective in the finish of the vehicle to would have to be applied directly to the finish of the vehicle, be it foam or plain liquid. But if he believes otherwise I...
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    Looking into the detailing business

    Wiki: Opinions are like belly-buttons, everyone has one. As Robert says, you need to start at the beginning. Of course, the beginning is different for every car wash operator. What type of car wash do you operate: full service, exterior, self-service, how many cars do you wash, what type of...
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    Headlight restoration

    That is a used price, correct? Are they actually buffers or attachments you use with a drill?
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    Headlight restoration

    Good price what is exacly in the kit? Does it include a Mini Buffer/Polisher? Does it include boxes of 50 sanding disks: 600, 800, 1500, 2500? Buffing and Polishing Pads? Chemicals? Price is important but you have to compare apples to apples.