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I saw your post on your new camera system. Can you share which system you installed? Looking to upgrade my 8-year-old system that stinks. Thanks, David
Bought from a local guy, I have 16 cameras And a new DVR that will process 2K cameras. It makes a huge difference. My old system was worthless. Now I can read tag numbers and that creates a whole new issue. All in I have around $2500 on the system now. The only thing I still need is a 4K monitor. I am in Tennessee but would be glad to give you my guys number if you are close.
David Rolf
Thanks for the feedback. I'm out west and looking for something turnkey I can install. Mep suggested a couple to me and may go that route. Thanks, David
I see the reason for sale. Is it still installed or has it already been removed
Still installed and working good. Just had a good Friday and sat. for wash count after the long cold spell!
Medeco 6450550 lock - Hi randy, I see that your the man to speak to regarding medeco lock drilling. We broke the only key to our self serve meter box. Will replace with new plug locks if we can remove them all. Any advice or drilling techniques for this type of lock? thanks -Aaron-
I don't share that information with just anyone. Where is your car wash located? Address? how long have you been n the car wash business?

sent you and email.
How about the new card reader with tap and apple etc? Are they about ready?
We're still waiting for Worldpay to complete a software update for the reader that enables tap, so hard to say exactly. We've had everything done on our end for several months.
So help me out with my thought process. I use E-Xact and TSYS now I will need to drop Tsys for worldpay?
Yes, E-xact is not currently certified for any EMV devices.
I'm new to this forum and made a mistake with my username when I registered. How do I change my username please? I've looked everywhere I can think of but can't find it. Thanks...
Maybe drop an email to support, they might be able to change it.
Hello. I'm Julie Graff from DRB In-Bay Solutions (formerly Unitec). I saw your question about credit card processing for the Wash Select II that came with the wash you purchased. The best way to get an answer to that question is to contact DRB at

If you would prefer, I can have someone contact you. Please just message back with your name and the best way to reach you.

I see that you are having trouble getting the WorldPay account transferred to you. I'm going to have someone else reach out to you from DRB In-Bay Solutions. Can you send me your contact info?

Are the changes to my settings something that Rko tech could talk me through over the phone? I'd rather not pay for a service call, as Im 3 hrs away!!!
Im not very twch savvy, & my prepper/manager struggles a lil to. But, I would stay & try for a couple hrs if need be. However, Im a fulltime coach & teachers, so could only go on Sat/Sun...
Coach Bowles 409)200-4667
"Water U Doing" Car & Dually Wash
Are you in Robeson County? I live in Delaware but have kin down there. I like to look at car washes on Google Maps.
Take care,
Hi Waxman.. On the 1/4 X 1/4 inch push to connect check valve you ordered from amazon, what is the cracking pressure?
Thank You Much.
you are a touch 4 wash rep right?
Yes sir. I am one of the owners. Anything I can help with?

i am looking into getting your app i have 3 SS and an IBA with a Hamilton HTK. you can call me at 217-313-9764. name is josh

Are you available this afternoon? This is Friday 10/23
For any of you who worked with Rick's Technical Service, Mesa, AZ over the years, wanted to let you know
Rick passed away 9/23/2020 after several years of fighting Parkinson's. He loved working with so many of you
Yes the softener was stopped up. Used bypass and pressure went up. Repair guy has not given me a price yet. I will owe him a service call if he is not chosen.
Was on other side of town about 45 minutes each way. He is going to get new head and seals for tank.