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When an automatic 100 foot wash come in to town and you have an IN Bay automatic wash, how much of an impact on sales is the IN Bay
automatic wash effective?
Ment to say effected (not effective)
Hearing rumors new automatic wash coming to town.
Hey Maxwell. looking to see if available? If so a little description of what is available and details?
Hello Mac,
I sent you a message a few weeks back with a couple of photos of a fragrance machine that I've had sitting around for awhile and would be willing to sell. I never received a response, so just checking to make sure you received the message. No big deal if you are not interested.
Hi JGinther

These pulsatron pumps you have are originated from the Belanger (with wire connector)? Do you have 2 different model? I have the a big one for the presoak and smaller one for triple foam. How old are they?
Oh btw, do you have any injection check valve laying around that I can have? :)

Side question, any chance you have the proximity (sensor at treadle)?
Express Exterior Car Wash Focusing on Site Selection and Analysis, Financial Analysis of New Car Washes, Entitlement and Zoning of Car Washes.

Love the new models coming out from various Manufacturers of Express Exterior Car Washes.
Where in MD are you located? 13 Bays sounds amazing! Probably a lot of work. Would be interested in seeing such a place (when things are fine for travel). As much as it is helpful to others to know if one is open or closed I would not publish that info on the forum as I have heard of some jealous car wash owners turning in other car wash owners in their same state if they were closed by the police.
Looking for info regarding the Pulse time between a Hamilton ACW and a D&S 5000?? Cash and credit cards work fine, but I have an Everwash add / wash card that won't activate the wash, any thoughts?
Hey all, this is my first post on the forum pretty new to the business love the things you guys post. I have a few self serve bays and 1 auto bay looking to replace my auto equip. Currently have a 2000 d&s 5000 little wore out but washes cars good. Im seriously considering the complete i5000 system i have a guy that sells them he said $60,000 for a used “refurbished” pump station, gantry, stainless arches
Exact Model # & the dies along with pics would be helpful. I have a UPS acct. I am wondering if it has to be shipped freight &/or how heavy it is etc?
Hey I will get all that info this evening I have went to the wash already I can take plenty of pictures and weigh it for you my cell number is 919-724-2130 if you give me yours I can text you all the info this evening thanks.Thomas
Whats up Sooner. If you go to my Facebook page you can see everything at the location. Magictouch Car Wash Levittown I will close the facility down in June, everything will be going.
As a HS coach, i don't have Facebook.
Air compressor, Tire shne, what type Paystation, dryers?
Could I please have info on the company you were dealing with? My demand charges are about a third of my bill and I really want to reduce it. Led lighting will go in first. Looking at motors next.