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Whic vido # shows drilling of the American lock? Saw the Pulling and melting and drilling of others but not this one. I have drilled right between the Black pins from the face. Seems to do the trick but it was more than a 1/8"
Let On The Spot Mobile Detail come to your location and take care of everything for you. We can come to your home or business and wash your car while you take care of more important things and most importantly, stay safe.
I have several dilling- harris doors and a lot of spare parts removed from my wash last year, if you have any interest send ma message or call at 321-624-2684 tommy
Hi Dawsy, pleae give me a call about the circuit board at 919-763-4013. thanks Mike
I do not know how to post on this forum.I read it most every day and have learned a lot form other forum members.I have been a member for many years Than k you
You seem to have alot of detail on the Bellanger Saber... can you give me some info? can I control the unit remotely change all functionality from my cell phone etc?
RentALL, a customizable and ready-made Airbnb clone script. Features to look out are seasonal pricing, iCal integration, Wishlist, and Stripe + Paypal integration.
continuing on from my 1st post sorry for the broken english only allowed 420 characters
On the first pass trolley creeps out from home position a few inches and then STOPS for 4 or 5 seconds but the arch is still 3 or 4 inches short of the front corner of a car, is this a problem ?? trolley then continues across the front and goes wide full extents all passes
our Laser 4000 with VT is having width measurement problem trolley going wide all passes VT board controller is new 1 month, side sonars calibrate good as per VT manual New RY33A relay
Arch buffer positions C & D manual says should have LEDs on beside the 1 LED flashing, i dont have a flashing LED, only LED 1 2 3 solid or 6 7 8 solid
What could be causing no flashing LED
I deleted a couple of posts from the new guy "American Changer" because they were advertising. It pissed him off and he said he was leaving...whatever. Anyway, his name is Doug Bale and he is in Vegas. I think he is a distributor for American, but not sure if he actually works for them. He posts a lot on the car wash FaceBook pages as well, many are backhanded advertising.
I.B. Washincars
I.B. Washincars
Anyway, I looked at the forum rules and they don't really address advertising, other than spamming. If it's not much trouble, I think you should add a line to the rules stating that advertising is not allowed.
Yeah, I deleted a few, too, thanks. I sent him a PM apologizing and asking him not to advertise, and he said, "I was refering to the sponsored links, regards, Doug" which I don't understand.
I.B. Washincars
I.B. Washincars
I don't know what I did to not send this as a PM. Anyway, the message that I sent after deleting the second post was "Advertising is not allowed." Hard to believe that got his panties in a bunch.
Hello. Just wondering are you using the the 24 Totally awesome and dish soap for a pre-soak on a IN bay unit. Like a Wash World High Velocity unit? Thanks for the information. Vic
I am. I use it as Pre-Soak in my touchless IBA (Ryko OHD).
Thanks for the info. Just trying to get the cars cleaned the best with the least amount of money of course. What are you using on the second pass? Any info is greatly appreciated...
Same thing on 2nd pass to
Hi Randy.....I inherited a controller for a changer that has "12" listed as the Model number. There's also a homemade sticker on it that says, "takes 1's and 5's". It also has a Hamilton Part # 49-00213 on the PCB.

What is this thing?


PS...Aux air doors clear?
Good day folks.... I am a new member of this group, looking to gain first hand information from people in the trenches...
Hello, I saw a post from you that is a few years old that said you use the QL Talk software. Where did you download it? I have looked online and cannot find it, I have a manual that mentions it but not where to download it. I can post this question to your post if you rather, but I know sometimes people don't like that if a few years old. Thanks, Mark