1. Y

    Chemicals to improve car wash results

    hello, I have recently been researching how to upgrade the chemicals to improve the car wash effect and price. How should I choose the brand and type of chemicals? Which brand of chemicals do you think is the most professional?
  2. B

    Reclaim overflowing with foam

    I’m running a sobrite inground reclaim system and it’s overflowing with foam (like several feet of foam) and is super blue. I switched chemical suppliers a few months ago and haven’t had any problems until this past week there is only one blue chemical being used which is a foaming polish run...
  3. M

    Stainless Steel Frame Care

    Hello all, just your local Maintenance Guy here. Recently my location has undergone an attempt to clean the frames of all our equipment (wraps, mitters, dryers; all stainless steel) but we are having difficulty clearing away all the gunk (severe buildup). Does anyone have any recommendations for...
  4. H

    Whiting Systems Reviews?

    What are people's overall rating on Whiting Systems? We had a rep come out and do a demonstration and they worked pretty great. However, the price seemed a little high. I know you get what you pay for - but want to get some honest reviews on whether or not we should make this investment or if...