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    Stringers successful with MEI

    I use a 0.88 CTX high security token from Osborne Coins. They are 21 cents each when I order 10k. I get a 100 mile protected radius with this so that no other wash can get the same token. I use a Klopp manual coin sorter to separate the coins. If you have a couple of sites, it is definitely...
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    Stringers successful with MEI

    High security tokens make this issue go away.
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    Seal coating the lot

    I would save your money and do a re-pave in the future. I sealed one lot only one time. It was a disaster. When folks start spraying the shiner on their tires, it becomes slipperier than ice in those spots. Then, those spots seem to become more unsightly than when the lot was not sealed. I...
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    Yes or No Poll: 2019 was.....

    10-12% up in the Northeast- 5 locations
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    10 position rotary setup Schematics

    Kleen-Rite's website has resources for this--coin box and pump stand wiring diagrams.
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    KR- Excessive Shipping Charges

    Wah, Wah, Wah... Come on guys---Kleen-Rite has multiple free shipping offers throughout the year, plus free shipping anytime when ordering full pallets. Manage and project your inventory needs better, put some stuff on the shelf and save money in the long run. I have not paid for shipping from...
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    Fees / World v First Data

    I have found TSYS to be cheapest. Total fees at 5 locations 3.5-3.9%. (self-serve rollovers) I did just get notice that the per swipe fee is increasing by 5 cents come January 1. That will increase my % by 0.5. I have to call and raise cane to see what I can do about that.
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    Saving a few $$ with Zoro Tools

    Yep, just got it. I will take that one as good enough. Thanks Zoro!
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    Saving a few $$ with Zoro Tools

    Does anyone remember what Zoro did last year for cyber Monday? I need about $1600 stuff (well, I want, not need) I have a 20% off that expires Sunday. Trying to decide if I want to gamble and wait for Monday. A 30% flash sale would be nice. Are you listening Zoro Gods?
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    Soft start for a Cat 3535

    I use Allen-Bradley SMC-3 units for my 15 hp dryer motors. They were about $1100 each a few years ago. They have lots of settings to adjust to your needs. In my case, I needed to limit my start up amps so as not to exceed the transformer rating on site. I had added a second auto with dryers...
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    Polycarb Doors - Ultimate vs. Airlift

    Resurrecting an old thread here---has anyone tried Goff's Doors? If yes, how do they price compared to the others?
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    Why is Kleen-Rite Shipping so much?

    Here is something to bitch about---Hamilton just charged me $30.59 to return a repaired validator. I sent it to them for $14.80 using their box and packaging material. So they had no cost in return other than actual ship cost. (Of course, they call it shipping & handling.)
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    Quickbooks Expense

    It is brand new. Just got it two months ago. It was the last Samsung Convoy 4 on the East Coast. This is my fourth of that model--love them.
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    Quickbooks Expense

    I am still using Quickbooks '99 😁 I just calculate my few employees deductions manually, and pay the taxes electronically. I just have not seen the need to upgrade--plus I am tight. I might add, I still use a flip phone. (I know this does not answer your question, sorry)
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    Unwanted Person in SS bay

    I have those signs from Kleen-Rite that read "Customers Only"- NO loitering, soliciting, trespassing (SI51020) . Sooooo, if they ain't dropping money in a machine, they have no business on the property. The popo told me these are the signs I needed up for them to enforce.