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    how long will a cat 620/3 pump last

    I just rehabbed a wash that had the original 620's in them from early 1970's so thats almost 50 yrs.
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    Looking for an EIC for Hamilton GoldLine

    Coach I may have one laying around if you need a back up
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    VAC IT UP SYSTEM Questions

    LOL I wish your prediction would come true but unfortunately I already checked the lines and they were empty. My wash sat foreclosed for about 3 years before I purchased it otherwise I'm sure I could have found some in the lines. The system did seem to work flawlessly when I purchased it...
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    VAC IT UP SYSTEM Questions

    My vac it up system was built in to the bay columns when this wash was built in 2006. The traps are close to ground level and had a 1 ft x 1 ft steel access door with a medco lock on it. All standard pvc pipe run up through the front column onto the roof going back to the equipment room where it...
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    Car Wash Apprasal/ valuation

    Exactly what Roz said. My background is real estate finance and yeah I would look at CAP rates but the deal has to pencil out with or without debt. And car washes are not NNN investments like a retail strip center, ground lease on a bldg etc. there is A LOT of work involved in running a wash...
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    VAC IT UP SYSTEM Questions

    Mac I think I'm going to have to steal that one!
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    VAC IT UP SYSTEM Questions

    I have a 5 bay vac it up system that I haven't used and would part ways with. The system works when I disconnected it I just elected to keep it simple with safes in the bays. This system was installed new when the wash was built in 2006.
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    Due diligence for SS Car Wash

    Regarding income I wouldn't take their word or tax return, I would consider it but I would park myself across the street a few Sat and Sun in a row and watch the traffic through the place. As far as the property is concerned make no environmental issues and you should be good. The ss equipment...
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    Self Service vs Express Tunnels

    1) Motivated seller selling the Business + Real Estate for less than the current market price 2) Since the carwash has positive cash flow, banks will be funding the deal 3) Real estate is appreciating nicely year over year, end of the day I am not in carwash business but the Real Estate business...
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    Galvanized Metal in Bays

    One of my washes has R panel for the roof and the walls. Has held up well over time considering its approx. 15-20 years old. I purchased the wash 3 years ago and we use straight muratic acid to wash the walls about every 2 months and still holding up.
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    Schedule 80 pipe and brass fittings

    Thats what I was thinking bc of the brass vs. Schedule 80. I searched the forum and saw where you posted that about your foamers. So you use standard schedule 40 pvc?
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    Schedule 80 pipe and brass fittings

    Hey guys making foamers for my remodel and copying what I have at my other wash. I believe these came from Coleman. Question....was going to use schedule 80 pipe with brass fittings. Do you guys think I can rely on the fittings to "self tap" into the ID of the pipe? The "experts" at Home Depot...
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    Barstock Fittings & Max Operating Pressures

    Thanks guys for your feedback that's what I was thinking but double checking this is my 3rd wash but 1st ever complete remodel. I am talking about gutted the equipment room and starting all over with a used Coleman pump stand, all new nylon LP lines, HP lines, new meter boxes etc.
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    Barstock Fittings & Max Operating Pressures

    Hey guys I am in the process of a complete remodel at a 6 bay SS wash I recently purchased. I am redoing the low pressure (LP) and high pressure (HP) lines and in assembling the manifolds for the LP and HP functions I noticed on KleenRite's site some of the barstock fittings have a max...
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    CAT 620 Pumps

    Remodeling a wash and removed these pumps if anyone out there needs a spare or parts make me an offer. Working good when removed just wanted something newer. It will be just the pumps all regulators fittings and hoses will be removed Ralph 817.937.0409