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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving Weekend. So even though some of us might be a day late ... weeeze covered. BTW there is worthwhile content on for any USA citizens who happen to have some free time to invest in comparing the quality of information ... when it comes to being helped to avoid...
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    Manifold Pics and Diagrams

    I concur with Martin's setup by each bay's overhead boom. It would be good to have an update on which specific brand & model of check valve seems to last the longest??? It has been so long since we had to replace our Swageloks ... I am not sure how much the current cost for those are. If I...
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    This is a bit of an old thread but ... it seems like the brand new local "Tommy Wash" has their 10 vacuums set up with "free use". I notice they are not central vacuum run & that they are only using 1-1/2" vacuum hose set up with an arch design??? The franchise gives the impression that they...
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    MEI Bill Validator

    Randy, Correct me if I am wrong ... but it seems like based on what you stated above ... this could have implications for bill changer companies who came up with their upgrades using Mars-MEI???
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    Water Heater/Boiler

    Bcarter76, that unit reminds me of some of our units within our facility back over 35 years ago. Possibly a millivolt thermocouple cleaning &/or replacement might buy you some time before you get a different ... better designed &/or thought out system. Keep in mind there are forces out there...
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    Simplisafe or Ring or ADT?

    It seems like a cellular based 4G or 5G alarm system for the alarm contact instant phone call out or SMS message has some advantages. Beware of 2G & 3G cell alarm systems as the cell towers are more & more not supporting that. A 5-12VDC UPS battery backup in case of power outage seems like...
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    Control cable

    The THHN spec caught my eye as possibly really good quality. I was previously under the impression that the brand Belden Control Cable was the best choice. Any comments ... in terms of comparison to Beldon???
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    .... And then there is AFGHANISTAN!

    Anybody read the following?: Five Men Who Turned Liberation into Tyranny by Donald T. Critchlow I have not but I am hoping to find time to do that. At this point ... I am not sure if Donald Critchlow draws enough parallel to what is going on currently in the world though. What is going to...
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    Scary ... VERY Scary

    Possibly the audio-visual might work if you have a link to free storage ... instead of your 15+ mb attachment. BTW ... I have always been a fan of yours the way you edited the SSCWN for so many years. Also the way you stood up to Pat Crowe & did not try to do a "cancel culture - ban" even...
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    Hot water storage failed

    Bricks, On this forum 2Biz in Ohio has his instantaneous units heat both his water & his de-icer if I remember correctly. Do a search ... he has some tremendously helpful posts on this forum! Another consideration ... ideally, you can sort the issues out enough &/or find the right person in...
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    CC pay systems self service

    I see you are somewhat north of us in Canada similar to our ND plains area. I am betting that the fact that you can dispense toonies & accept toonies is currently helpful. If not ... considering potential inflation ... it would tend to make the future at a minimum ... look a bit brighter! An...
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    CC pay systems self service

    I also have the add-on box from Jim at Etowah Valley all six bays. If we ever add CC acceptance besides our handy dandy $5 &/or $20 dispensing ATM ... that is where our chip PCI compliant card receptacle will be.
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    Water Main Replacement Temporary Water Hookups?

    Specific to the two Woodford Hydrants that I have ... I just called Woodford & they said that the following would bypass the anti-siphon: Special threaded part. That would allow reverse flow. The city & the contractors can cause a bit of extra stress not...
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    Water Main Replacement Temporary Water Hookups?

    I am not sure if they had a way around that??? I know that the more residential spigots as they did at home all the other residences on the block there was no siphon protection ... that was 2 years ago ... same contractor ... same modern water main replacement process. The several week delay...
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    Water Main Replacement Temporary Water Hookups?

    I wonder if some of my fellow "water users" ... those of us with more than a just self serve facility have faced the proposition of new water main using their latest techniques. They are currently just starting the late in the season project. I knew from my residence's similar experience that...