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    Red sonar front and back on vector

    What’s the part number on the sonar you are looking for?
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    Quarters rolling through directly to the reject slot.

    I have had that problem before what fixed it for me was putting a piece of Velcro around the food to keep it closed tight
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    WAGO wire connectors

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    National Quarter Shortage

    It was so bad at one of my washes I switched to tokens. Problem solved
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    Meter Boxes for dummies thread

    Ginsan hands down
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    CryptoPay Coordinator issue, need some advice.

    Have you tried a different port and new cable
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    tired of garbage

    I have returned it many times
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    What's your favorite single-coin acceptor?

    Single coin I usually go with a sensortron
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    Hamilton DRS Hopper Motor Swap

    Put a little oil on it if you got the set screw out you should be able to put a pair of channel lochs on it and turn it you probably have a burr on the shaft
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    IDX “personality plug”

    I had a problem with some new units don’t know if it what you are seeing. Had 2 stop accepting coins even after reprogramming. What I did was put a zip tie around the door you can open up and the problem stopped. After that fixed my problem I switched to Velcro so it was easier to get at and...
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    Switching to count up.

    Fell free to call me I’m not understanding what you are saying. 860-993-7979
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    Switching to count up.

    I am 4.00 cash 5.00 minimum for credit cards
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    Electric Doors - Poly or Vinyl?

    IMO go with the airlift XRS
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    Will KR give you any sample Tokens?

    The tokens I use are about the size of a dollar coin and I value them at a dollar for every one that does not come back I make about .70 on . If you value it at a quarter you will lose money or make very little on the ones that don’t come back. I accept both quarters and tokens in all my equipment
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    Dispense two different functions from same foamy coil hose?

    I run hot wax through the same gun as trifoam works good and have set several customer’s up that way.