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    Bucket washers

    true story. Back in the Full service Gas Station a guy asked my father to check his oil. It was low and the customer opened the trunk, took out a quart and asked my father to put it in for him. My father informed him we only put in products purchased there. The customer said "but I bought...
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    Best tunnel equipment?

    IMO AVW Mitters make the least noise and have the least number of parts that wear.
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    Coin Shortage??????

    Many Bank Lobbies are closed due to Covid . I know a guy with a vending route who wasn't able to get rid of his quarters because of this. He was happy to exchange them with me for paper.
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    Soap in HP rinse

    I have a multi compartment tank and found the seal between compartments was no longer good.. If no solenoid issue and you have this setup . Fill rinse compartment and empty soap side and see if any water leaks thru.
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    Air Logic AirDry vs AirShamee

    Greg, sounds way to complicated for me. Gorilla tape - one wrap and done.
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    Looking for service van

    Cars.Com, Carvana
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    Mandatory Mask Ordinances (How Will You React As a Business Owner?)

    You need to read the ordinance. Posting the signs may be all you need to do.
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    MEI Bill acceptor error.

    My unit has a sticker that says AE 2412 U3 an the KR Catalog specs AE2412 U3E does that "E" make a difference?
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    Vacuum hose color

    I like these because with the Black on the larger circumference you don't see the dirt where it rubs on the ground and you still get some color to liven things up.
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    MEI Bill acceptor error.

    MEI Bill Accepter in Combo Vac. Single pulse error - Bill path jammed - No jam present. Removed Bill cartridge, and sensors and cleaned . Cycles several times and same error. Ideas?
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    Air Logic AirDry vs AirShamee

    I have the Diskin. To keep the hoe attached because it gets hot and soft in warm weather I clamp a Vac Cuff to the boom, then the Hose goes in the cuff and I gorrilla tape the cuff swivel which otherwise comes apart (never had that happen on a Vacuum) when it's hot and Gorilla tape the hose...
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    Supplier Pricing

    Until the advent of EE;s posting prices boldly, many tunnels did not have obvious price posting. In Chicagoland the SS and IBA pricing is not visible until you are in the by or at the auto cashier. Is that the same thing?
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    Thoughts on other chemicals??

    I use KR Low PH Soap for Pre Soak and HP Soap. Gave up on their regulars SS HP and Pre soak because of gelling issues. I use Kleen white for engines and wheels and Just peach for Wax. Cherry Blossom for FB.
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    Has anyone ever regretted Cryptopay

    Worldpay mails me a statement each month.
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    Coins in short supply....

    Earl ... I don't totally agree with you on this one. There are other mitigation concerns. I Apparently my message was not clear. My point is the shortage was not intended to facilitate mitigation. It was a consequence of other mitigation factors. Your post only relates to how using...