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Testing Uploads


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Did you use the insert image icon above? Just drag whatever image you want to use and drop it in the box - it should only appear once.

I.B. Washincars

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Yes, I clicked on the "Insert Image" link, which really looks like nothing that would tell me I needed to click there to insert a picture, but I digress... Then it opened the window stating "Drop Image" or "Click here". I didn't know what "Drop Image" meant, so I did the "Click here", which took me to the folders in my computer. From there I had no problem.

And another thing. How many of us have been to a vacation area and had someone come up to us with their phone and ask us to "Capture our image"? None. They always say "Can you take our picture?" I know it's part of the software and not you, but why geeks have to use terms that 99.9% of the general public seldom uses is beyond me. Everyone asks "How do I post a picture?" How about a link that just says "Post picture"?

OK, my rant is over...at least for now.

Actually, posting my picture (or did I insert my image?) was much easier. Thanks


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First problem, I don't know why it posted the second image at all, let alone as a thumbnail. Second, I see no way to edit a post. I used "Attach files" button and it's about as simple as can be, just browse to the image file and click.