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Seeing a lot of questions about memberships...

Jul 16, 2018
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Is an unlimited membership program right for you?

WashCard recently posted a blog about memberships and what it means especially for IBA and Self Serve operators. You can check it out here.

The short of it though is that unlimited memberships can sometimes mean giving your best deal to your worst customers.

'No doubt about it, unlimited car wash programs are the 'buzz' in the industry, and they definitely can have a place in the marketing plans of a car wash operator. Unlimited plans can drive lots and lots of traffic, and it looks good to an operator to see a long line of cars queuing up to get a wash.

Trouble is, when a customer is washing relentlessly for one, low monthly fee, your profit margins can be severely diminished - and you'll be beating up your equipment as more and more washes are given away for what becomes a low, low average price-per-wash.'

UWashApp is helping operators in the IBA and SS world to take back their margins, yet still offer loyalty programs (such as a limited membership or wash packages) that allow your customers to feel their getting a good deal. Plus you can do Business and Fleet accounts, Buy 10 Get 1 Free, Anniversary washes, invite a friend, and more! It's all custom to what your needs are for your business.

Email us at sales@washcard.com to learn more or just ask us some questions. We'd love to talk to you!