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PDQ Donates To Brown County (WI) Sheriff’s Benevolent Association

PDQ Manufacturing

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Apr 8, 2008
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De Pere, WI
In 2010, PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., the industry-leading manufacturer of in-bay automatic vehicle wash systems, created a new charitable donations policy for its employees. This policy allocates money to each employee with those funds able to be donated to charities on their behalf. As part of the policy, PDQ makes periodic donations to local charitable organizations. In June, PDQ announced that it was making a donation to the Brown County (WI) Sheriff’s Benevolent Association.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Benevolent Association (BCSBA) is a fraternal organization consisting of 148 officers who serve the Brown County Sheriff’s Department. The association was founded as a way to provide financial assistance to its members and the organizations they belong to within Brown County. Over the years, the BCSBA has donated more than $200,000 to local charities. The focus of this year’s BCSBA fund-raising effort is preventing drug and alcohol use and abuse among teens, as well as stopping youth violence. The funds raised by the BCSBA this year will be distributed to many local organizations that assist with these types of programs.

“When we were researching local charities to support, and were made aware of the good works performed by the Brown County Sheriff’s Benevolent Association, we thought it would be the perfect recipient for one of our charitable donations,” said Becky Davies, PDQ’s Human Resources Manager. “Keeping children safe and away from the dangers that are associated with drug and alcohol abuse is a worthwhile goal, and the great work being done by the BCSBA is definitely worthy of our support.”

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