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Need help on purchase of single bay IBA


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Oct 26, 2014
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Sets on edge of 70k city, w/ 3 tunnels, closest being about 4 miles away. Wash was closed down 5 yrs ago due to selling the 4 SS bays to make way for C-store. IBA Building still looks great, but D&S 5000 is ran down. 1 other 6 SS/1 IBA 1 mile away, but their touchless IBA is crap.
Good ingress/egress, sets on East edge of C- store. Street DIRECTLY in front is 20 mph & 5000 traffic, & main street on it's West side (main intersection) is 9000. Owner is using Realtor & dropped from $90 to $80k.
This is a nice area of town, middle to upper middle class. Probably 7k--9k people w/in 2 miles of wash...? I truly believe I need to go friction, & will do my own paystation & stand alone dryers. Lot has parking on it's West side of IBA, where some vacs could be added, & already has 1 vac in front of IBA. So maybe another $130ish for friction.
I like my SoftGloss, but this will be unattended so need something to really clean the back well.
Gimme you guys thoughts, please

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