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Mach-E at the Car Wash - Best Practices


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Jan 30, 2021
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When I get my Mach-E, I want to make sure I keep the paint looking as good as it can for as long as possible. I hope to keep my MME for a very long time, a decade if I can. I’ve seen mentioned on this forum a few times about people doing things they shouldn’t when it comes to washing their cars. I’ve also seen mentioned a few times that different car manufacturers use different types of paint.

To that end, are there any ‘dos and don’t’s’ that we think would apply to taking the MME to a car wash? I usually get one of the cheap wax packages (and armorall for the wheels) - would this be wise based on peoples’ experiences with the paint Ford uses? My MME will be Rapid Red, which is a metallic color.

I am the original owner of 2006 vista blue mustang, and while the paint has held up quite well, I think it maybe doesn’t quite shine like it used to after a trip to the car wash.

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