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IBA door problems


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Sep 1, 2007
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Rocky Mountains
We have ran into this problem a couple of times now on our RYKO door controls and it may also effect other brands of IBAs. Ryko always sends out a momentary stop signal first and then a open or close signal to the bay doors. On some new door openers this temp. stop signal can confuse the door opener. Ryko controls the doors by running the signals through the door open/close/stop buttons for the opener. The common wire that is used for all signals is ran through the stop buttons. We had a new install giving us intermitant problems after a year with the door close signal not getting to the opener due to a weak common wire that ran through the stop button on the exit door. To fix both the new opener problem and the intermitent problems we have stopped hooking up the stop signal that gets sent from the PLC to the openers. Doors seem to work much better without this stop circuit being hooked up.