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Does anyone have a Craftsman tool catalog?

I.B. Washincars

Assistant Janitor
Does anyone have a Craftsman tool catalog laying around that I could beg, borrow, buy, or steal? I know everything is online now, but that’s not really much help in my case. Someone broke into my garage and stole nearly every tool I own. Coming up with a list for police/insurance is daunting, if not impossible. If I had a catalog that I could leaf through, it would be a big help in jogging my memory. I've already been to Lowes and learned that there aren't printed catalogs any more. It doesn’t need to be a current catalog or even close. Something in the 2000s would probably be good. I want a physical paper catalog so I can carry it around with me and look as I have time. First one to come through for me gets lunch on me in Nashville, just need to meet me in front of the vending machine. TIA


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I've never received Sears or Craftsman catalogs, but I'm not going to Nashville anyway.

There are lots of "vintage" catalogs online and on eBay, but nothing newer than 1980.

I.B. Washincars

Assistant Janitor
My advice to criminals: Don’t burglarize someone and use their boxes with name and address, to pack off your loot.

Some of my stuff was recovered in a stolen car in another county. No suspects, but at least I got some of my things back.