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Coming Soon to a Car Wash Distributor Near You: PDQ’s ProTouch ICON Road Show Trailer

PDQ Manufacturing

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Apr 8, 2008
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De Pere, WI
PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., has found another innovative way to bring the company’s message to the masses with the launch of its ProTouch® ICON Road Show Trailer. The trailer will travel the country and make appearances at PDQ distributor facilities, selected trade shows, and most importantly at customer locations, offering on-site demonstrations of the new ProTouch® ICON Friction Car Wash System to existing and potential PDQ customers.

The focal point of the Road Show Trailer is an actual, full-size ProTouch ICON three-brush gantry. Fully operational, the gantry runs through a complete wash cycle (minus the water), complete with a voiceover that explains the wash process, and accompanied by flashing lights and futuristic music. The front portion of the trailer is a mock-up of a typical car wash equipment room so the visitor can observe the system’s various components. The rear of the trailer is designed as an office, complete with Internet access that allows visitors to view, in real-time, the wash’s performance characteristics and operational status. The office computer also allows PDQ personnel or a distributor to provide additional information about the ProTouch ICON or any other PDQ wash, dryer and entry system to the visitor, offering a full service mobile sales tool sure to impress everyone.

The innovative three-brush gantry system on the ProTouch® ICON offers superior aesthetics and an array of revenue-generating features, such as Gen 5 Intelligent Brush Control, ProGlow Illumination Effect System, ProFlow Pressurized Fluid System, Wheel Cleaning System and SwingAir® Oscillating Dryer System. Additionally, the ProTouch ICON features the industry’s largest wash envelope, which makes vehicle positioning easy and safe.

The Road Show Trailer has several scheduled stops through the end of the year, and in 2013.

For more information, please visit www.pdqinc.com.