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    Tire Cleaner stopped working for one of the bays

    Stay In business long enough and there will be more surprise!
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    RO - Membranes

    What switch are you talking about on the RO?
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    What kind of credit card do carry? Magnetic Strip only, Tap only, Magnetic Strip and Tap

    Yes I was wondering where you can purchase more advertisement for tap.
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    New to the business

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    Need all new equipment, everything !! Bought a closed down car wash in Pasadena, Texas

    This guy is not using refurbished equipment.
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    Small Town IBA Startup!?

    What state is this in?
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    Georgia Self Serve- lower profits than expected

    How long have you been in the business.
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    Razor High Pressure Hose

    Has anyone replaced there Hp hose for the Arch that's on the I need to use the cloth wrap again or just use protective cloth wrap instead.Thanks HAPPY Saturday Everyone!!
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    PreSoak streaking

    What brand of chemical and are you doing hi ph low ph
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    Push Lok install

    No Brainer
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    Do NOT buy from Mario

    Where are they from?
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    Ginsan Water Lovers RO: 4400 GPD

    Yes its definitely over kill
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    Need help with 1st carwash purchase

    Got any pics?
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    Laserwash 4000 shutting down on presoak

    I have spare cpus available
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    graphene environment question.

    I know its very expensive. What are yall paying for 5 gallons
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    Where to buy LED lights ?

    Definitely we use 1000 bulbs for all bulbs 0 drama.
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    First time buyer for automatic two bay wash?

    We're at United States are you located
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    Car Wash Cleaning

    Thank you for the answer I almost bought one at TSC they had him on special