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    Hamilton Controller Model 12?

    What is a Hamilton Model 12 Controller? Looks similar to a controller that's inside my RNS. Circuit board has a Hamilton Part # 49-00213. Can't find any info on the web....
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    Brass fittings on RO?

    A piece of a Schedule 80 plastic fitting broke on my RO machine. There was a bunch of glued my only way to get up and running quickly.....was to replumb using brass fittings. A LOT of plastic was removed and totally replaced with brass tees, barbs, reducers etc. What effect...
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    Cat 3535 Crank Oil Seal replacement

    My 25 year old Cat 3535 is leaking oil from the crankshaft oil seal (Pulley-side....non-pulley side is OK). We've changed the oil religiously annually. How bad a job is it to replace from the OUTSIDE? If memory serves me correctly...I was able to pull the oil seal on a Cat 623 from the...
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    Hamilton XE v3.00 $275

    I have a spare Hamilton XE v3.00 validator for sale. The unit has just been cleaned, serviced with new belts....and calibrated. I tested it and it accepts bills nicely. $275
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    MEI Validator stealing 5's

    My Shurvend vendor has a MEI validator (with a recycler recycling the 5's). It has started intermittently "stealing" a five dollar bill. The bill is accepted, but fails to give credit. It will do this with back to back 5 dollar bills. Ideas on how to fix?
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    Hamilton RNS cabinet/case

    I have a Hamilton RNS stainless steel cabinet/case for sale. This is for the cabinet only....and has NO internal parts. I'll take any reasonable offer before I send it to the scrap yard.......
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    Door operator opening slow when cold

    I have a Wyndstar door with a 208v 3 phase operator. When it is very cold opens after a protracted delay....maybe 2 minutes or so. I don't think it's electrical. There is good 3 phase power going to the unit. When the unit receives an "UP" signal, you can hear the relays...
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    PCI scan and Video System

    My recent quarterly PCI scan failed because my Lorex video system doesn't have a secure way to logon. It (I think) uses port 80 (unsecure). To pass PCI, it needs to receive the logon information securely....(port 443??)....and this is something that the Lorex DVR doesn't support. My holiday...
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    Siphoning Hydrominder

    I have my stainless mixing tanks above the chemical barrels that sit on the floor. The hydrominders are approx. chest high. My polish bucket keeps overflowing. I've replaced my foot valves several times....but the problem remains. Could there be an issue with the hydrominder? Do I have a...
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    Slow HP soap getting to the SS bay

    We've been pulling our hair out. My furthest SS bay from the Eq room....takes a LONG time to produce soapy water when High Pressure Soap is selected. In troubleshooting, here's what we seem to observe. The initial startup will require about 40 seconds to see any soap come out of the HP wand...
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    Self Serve Pump Stand tripping Motor Starter

    I've got a 25+ year old wash with original pump stands (Cat 623 and Dayton 5Hp 3ph motors). One of my bays is occasionally (randomly) tripping the motor starter. I've never had this happen. Motor? Bad overload? Loose connection which causes the amps to increase? Where to start? Any...
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    Trench Drain Recommendation?

    I have a trench drain along the exit of my (2) Touchless automatics. After 20+ years, the drains are rotting....and need to be replaced. There's a LOT of salt that ends up in the drain due to deicing. Does anybody have a product that could be recommended?
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    RNS coins jamming

    I replaced the bowl and payout switch a month (or two) ago on my RNS. Since that time, there have been three instances of a quarter jamming at the TOP....about the eleven o'clock position. I can feel a very slight space between the old (not replaced) motor baseplate, and the new hopper bowl at...
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    Thermal Imaging Devices

    On another thread, there was a discussion about using a thermal camera to locate the floor heat tubes prior to drilling anchors. There are stand alone units....and some as cheap as $200 that fit on the bottom of your smartphone. It'd be handy to have around the check the electrical...
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    Replacement Guide Rails

    The aluminum guide rails on my two touchless automatics have finally worn out after 25 years. Any ideas about how/where to find replacements. Also... Has anyone tried any alternative solutions? Could you use a 6"x8" composite (or plastic) plastic beam bolted to the floor?
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    Foot Valve vs. In line check valve

    We have a 2 step presoak system in our automatic. Step one is acidic. The hydrominder, and mixing tank is mounted high on the wall above all of the pumps etc. We have a 55 gallon barrel on the equipment room floor. We've used (successfully) blue foot valves for years....which keeps the soap...
  17. R hopper switch

    FWIW.....I replaced the hopper switch in my RNS with the new style switch (100-0151). This design is MUCH improved....however...there's something you need to know. After replacing the switch, which has NO adjustment....the unit would over pay a LOT. Put in a $1, get $1.50. Put in a $10, get...
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    Can an ACW controller Cash totals be reset?

    My ACW4 controller (v4.23) works fine....but something unusual happened. For some reason, the Total Vending Cash dollar amounts went amok....into the millions of dollars. I can't find out how to reset this counter. Everything else in the controller works fine. I can reset the Audit Vault...
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    Cat 3535 oil leak

    I have a Cat 3535 that's leaking oil. If I fill the crankcase to the top of the "dot"....within a month or so, it's down to the bottom of the "dot". It's hard to see where it's leaking from. The rear crankcase cover, and drain plug are bone dry. My best guess is the oil seal on the...
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    Ideas to silence Air Shamee In Bay Dryer

    My car wash has a residential house behind it. I just installed Air Shamee's in the self serve bays. Today, my neighbor comes over and wants to know what the new noise is which is coming from the car wash. "It sounds like a buzz saw or something. At 11pm, it's annoying when we're trying to...