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    Going on 32 years. Self serv bays, 80 foot tunnel, Quick lube/tire center, Laundromat and propane filling station.
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    Shut down by the City for environmental concerns

    He should have a MSDS for the product!
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    Shut down by the City for environmental concerns

    Hopefully the product he uses is bio-degradable, if so, he should have no problem after there test.
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    How To Make a Temporary High Pressure Hose Patch in Ten Minutes for $2

    Yes. I have doubled up on a piece of rubber.
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    How To Make a Temporary High Pressure Hose Patch in Ten Minutes for $2
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    High Pressure Hose Emergency Repair Methods?

    I have found these at Menard's, $5.49
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    RV Dump Station

    We have had one for many years. But we have some on site, sell propane, cameras and a locking lid.
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    Hot Water in Self Service

    I agree with Roz. We have not heated water in years.
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    Tolerance and Idiots!

    You can't fix stupid
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    Which coin acceptor ???

    This one stop recognizing coins. I too have some that are 20+ years old. I will probably order in just the inserts. As I only take quarters and cc. I thought I see a post about problems with new versions.(wasn't sure) Thanks for all the info.
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    Which coin acceptor ???

    I just used my last backup Sensortron coin acceptor. I do remember reading on here about problems others have had with different & new versions.(couldn't find the post). I am looking for info and results with what others are using. The Ginsan has work good for a long time. Any input about...
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    Self Wash Bay Systems

    I agree with 2 previous post. I have one of the original Hanna self serv equipment units. Over the years we have completely rebuilt and/or replace everything except the stand.
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    What do you guys think of my new ACW menu?

    Looks just like the schematic! Easy to follow. Everything is right there in front of you.
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    Crypto pay ..... Count up or down ?

    Count up!!! Or I wouldn't even put it in
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    I would not open that door....

    Can't wait to show this to my key emplyees.
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    Sewer Problem

    What is the tip called? tried finding it on KR
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    KR- Excessive Shipping Charges

    And I thought it was only me!!!
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    Damaged wash

    Loss of business sometimes is a rider that you may need to have had added to your commercial policy or umbrella policy. I agree with Soapy. A lot of times, your insurance company will get you back up and running and then battle with the other persons insurance company. Sometimes even cover any...
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    Some things I learned the first year operating a car wash

    I find myself buying in lots of 3. Even buying the better quality parts and supplies, Sometimes the first new part has a problem.