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    Damaged wash

    Well this is my 8th year owning a wash and had my first major catastrophe that was caused by a customer this morning. A real genius tried to wash his employer's HVAC company ladder truck. It did quite a bit of damage to my Razor arch and trolley. I have it all on video and a witness. I have...
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    City water pressure

    What is y’alls city water pressure? I have a Razor and our city pressure fluctuates and at times isn’t enough to fill my pump stand tank fast enough. At times it’s only 40-45psi
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    Film on Porsche wheels

    A loyal customer and friend has brought to my attention that our touch free wash has left a film on her Porsche wheels the last few times she has used our wash. The film is only on the wheels. She gets the top wash with tri foam, drying agent and rain shield. She has been washing this car here...
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    PDQ Laser Dry Dryer Problem

    I have an older Laser Dry. It keeps burning up contactors and overloads. I was told it was the plc and to by pass that and put a time delay on it and it would fix the problem. After about 500 washes, it did it again. Any ideas, answers, solutions. Besides buying a new dryer! Thanks.