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    NAYAX on Wi-Fi?

    Don't know. Don't think so.
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    NAYAX on Wi-Fi?

    The site is in a cellular "dead zone"...even with Nayax's High Gain antennas. The installation is on vacuums with no Cat5 & no easy way to get it there. But the Wi-Fi is excellent. Hoping this helps for anyone with similar conditions.
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    NAYAX on Wi-Fi?'s possible! If your site has a strong Wi-Fi signal Wi-Fi Range Extender or equivalent. Nayax ethernet cable Plug the extender into the vacuum's 120v Plug the ethernet cable into the reader and the extender. Voila! Wireless communication via ethernet! You're welcome. ;)
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    Offset/Z-Boom options

    OurTown, I have no experience with Etowah’s booms, but…If you change your mind about Z-booms... We installed a few Z-booms for a multi-site operator back in the 90s…at exceptionally busy locations. After several months we began provided many replacement swivels. After 3 years, the operator...
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    Microcoin QL mounting faceplate options.

    That's an old photo. The QL bracket was redesigned many years ago. It features locating holes for the acceptor's pins and the retaining strap slides down and snaps in place. No tools required. Check out the pics on my provided Kleenrite link.
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    Microcoin QL mounting faceplate options.

    The mounting bracket is unique to the QL.
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    Rinse normal, soap and wax selection causes loss of pressure

    Somewhere, there’s a ball valve… From the water tank to each pump’s inlet. This valve restricts the water supply to the pump so it will suck water AND soap or wax. Fully open this valve and turn the pump on to the soap or wax selection. Does the pump run smoothly now? If so, slowly close the...
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    Hot Water Heater Stat

    For a $100ish stat that's as reliable and requires no installation modifications...Can't think of one.
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    Weepmizer Output 2 programming.

    Set LL to your desired turn on temperature (32 or 33 degrees) Leave HL at 113 degrees.
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    Floor heat issues/ Solutions

    lighthouse, I've used Fix-A-Leak on glycol systems with good results...albeit in one or two heating seasons. One location required a dose every year. They got 6 more years of reliable operation. When it finally doesn't fix the leak it's time for tearout or overpour, imho. BTW...
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    Hot water heater?

    Soap & wax are plumbed to the pump's left side inlet with a push-to-connect "Y" fitting.
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    Air logic 5 bay spot free system

    Except for the Kip solenoid manifold being installed on the reject water flow meter outlet… And, no visible repressurization system… What’s wrong with it? Maybe someone can provide some guidance. It looks like a pretty basic system.
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    Air logic 5 bay spot free system

    Have you tried calling the phone number displayed on the decal?
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    Hot water heater?

    That era of Hydrospay equipment utilized the booster pump for circulating heated pre-soak to the roof-top plumbing trough. Each bay’s PS solenoid was teed in the circulating loop, above the bay. The concept is to use the heated PS to keep the trough warm. It’s a pain-in-the-neck to...
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    Low Pressure Application Issues

    Adding to Greg Pack's excellent advice... With all products being dispensed through a foam gun… Ensure your chemical blender (Hydrominder?) is functioning properly. Clean or replace the metering tip…make sure the Hydrominder discharge tube restrictor is in place. Sputtering products might...
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    Have an old hydrospray system

    You mean like this? :geek:
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    Have an old hydrospray system

    Beyond fulfilling the developer’s dreams, the PLC: Inputs can be on/off time delayed. Provide outputs to multiple devices (solenoids/motor starters/water heaters, temperature-controlled circulating pumps, weep systems, etc.) Provides operator settings for price-to-start & bay timing. The coin...
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    Hot water heater?

    "AFAIK, Modicon is no longer in business." Correction...Modicon PLC is still in production.
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    Hot water heater?

    The HS hardware is quality stuff. Just be aware of the potential PLC concerns. The Modicon PLC program was written during HydroSpray's Precision Auto the 1990s. AFAIK, Modicon is no longer in business. And, those old HS smart guys are long gone. I'd be surprised if the 4th...
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    No Soap

    Several hundred bays here... Orange = 24 hot Green = 24 common