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    Bad News for us all!

    Oil change is where they are making a lot of their profit, so they will probably open that
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    Bad News for us all!

    You sure it's still going to open? Their plans have changed for many locations not yet open, not all though
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    Hamilton DRS to Mark Conversion

    Get the mars kit from Randy, best thing I did for my changer and acw
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    New touchless automatic Chinese wash

    You think Apple hasn't and doesn't steal tech???
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    Bad News for us all!

    Good opportunity for someone to pick it up at a discount and bring it back. Take 5 car wash is a pretty small part of the holding company Driven Brands. In their last earnings call they laid out their plans to close low performance stores and stores with high competition. They are going to get...
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    Credit Card Acceptance - Nayax with Unitec WS2, Hamilton ACW and Goldline

    Yes, that is our true base fee for the nayax units - we have on autos and in our SS bays. Each unit has a $7.95 per month flat fee, but that is a drop in the bucket, makes the blended fee 2.6% + 0.10 - there are no other fees
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    Credit Card Acceptance - Nayax with Unitec WS2, Hamilton ACW and Goldline

    We have them on am ACW 4 and another on an ACW 5. Work great! Fees for us are 2.5% + $0.10 per transaction
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    Billboard revenue

    It's probably worth your time to get a company that specializes in billboard negotiations. As you know billboard leases are usually long term. The billboard company representative negotiates billboard leases all day long, most business people may do it once or twice in their lifetime. You need...
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    Nayax to LED7 count up

    Let me see if I can find it, nayax support sent it to me a while back. Lots of good info in there about configurations.
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    Bad News for us all!

    This is exactly what happened last time too, coupled with variable interest. This time though, there is so much private equity out there ready to scoop up all the single family homes that will eventually come on the distressed market
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    Nayax to LED7 count up

    Do you have the nayax pulse manual? There is a lot of info in there to configure pulse parameters.
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    Nayax to LED7 count up

    I would be interested to know what the led6 is looking for to end the count up cycle and if the nayax can replicate it. Would probably need an oscilloscope hooked up to cryptopay if that information isn't available. I have started bypassing timers for nayax with a relay setup, which I prefer...
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    Do I really need "wheel/tire cleaner" or can I just use concentrate presoak?

    I don't think we will ever do this, but what kind of dye are you using and from where? I have noticed that most customers expect the tire cleaner to be bright green as @tdlconceptsllc mentioned.
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    Bad News for us all!

    Sadly nothing new, I could have already predicted this would repeat from 2008-09. And with all the handouts during covid, the can got kicked down the road, and made the consumer debt much higher in the process.
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    Nayax to LED7 count up

    The relationship is definitely there. I was told directly by dixmor that Cryptopay was the electronics engineering contractor for the new led6. Cryptopay designed the new led6. Wonder if the nayax pulse settings can be tweaked to work with the new led6? There are a few pulse settings that are...
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    Fire alarm panel monitoring for apartment building

    Would recommend cellular monitoring, voip and network not as reliable when power goes out. Even old telephone not as reliable as cellular as long as you have good cell signal. Worth the extra $/mo in my opinion. I will only use cell for my properties
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    Boot-legging CC reader on Unitec Portal Ti+

    Nayax may work if they use mdb. Nayax can be made to work with mdb or pulse
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    AirShamee Boom Mount Location?

    We put ours on the side with the meter to get more exposure, moved our foam brushes to the other wall. People will always find the foam brush
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    Ecolab Chemical Pump for Istobal M12

    Have you tried ebay? I saw a few 12vdc Ecolab pumps from a quick search
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    NAYAX CC Reader

    I hope your nayax account is still active, this must be transferred to the new owner by you through nayax customer support. Unusable without that transfer process. Just FYI