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    Increasing Memberships + Rewards Programs

    We would love to talk to you and see if we can help you with your loyalty programs. Give us a call at 651-661-9710 and talk to Craig. He can introduce you to our UWashApp, Tap & App program, and all the loyalty benefits that go with it!
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    IBA memebership subscription

    We do have a way to offer this within the UWashApp. As well as wash packages. There are a lot of different options to do what works best for you.
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    IBA memebership subscription

    You make some great points. There are definitely some benefits when you talk about what a "typical" washer looks like. The biggest issue is users who wash more than 2-3 times a month. There are a lot of users who will wash more than that, some every day when they have an unlimited option. I've...
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    Seeing a lot of questions about memberships...

    Is an unlimited membership program right for you? WashCard recently posted a blog about memberships and what it means especially for IBA and Self Serve operators. You can check it out here. The short of it though is that unlimited memberships can sometimes mean giving your best deal to your...
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    IBA memebership subscription

    Memberships can be a great way to kill business fast depending on how often your customers are washing. We've written several blogs about this topic and discuss it heavily here at WashCard. Our UWashApp just came out with a new version that now offers package washes, but our membership program...
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    HTK Loyalty Programs

    Of course we believe every customer is valued and their feedback is essential to building better products and solutions. WashCard has evolved over the last 32 years because of the valued feedback from customers and end users. UWashApp has evolved over the last several years because of that as...
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    HTK Loyalty Programs

    Wow...there is a lot to process on the comparison chart, and I would certainly never base an important business decision on feedback from a handful of misinformed app users. Actually, UWashApp is a no-cost addition to our Tap-to-Pay hardware solution. Here's our program. Our customers get...
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    Yeah...a bit of a sales pitch but also helping inform of what is available for a self serve operator. With any unlimited program you are going to have some level of abuse. Whether it's someone putting a print out in their wallet, or logging into multiple phones under one account. Any mobile...
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    New Self Serve Start Up

    Hello there! Best of luck in your build for your SS bays. Don't forget the payment system! WashCard specializes in Self Serves and provides the best technology in the industry. We have lots of options for your bays that include coin, token, cash, credit card, tap, and a mobile app solution. We'd...
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    EverWash is able to work in Self Serve situations. It is an unlimited program. For example: $29.99 /mo for unlimited 10 minute washes. Meaning a customer can come every single day and spend 10 minutes in the bay for the monthly cost. Great for residual income, tough if you have people abusing...
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    Great Info on Memberships!

    Car wash memberships have been fueling the industry over the last several years. Largely, unlimited car wash membership programs. But what’s in it for the operator? Are there benefits to unlimited? Or should there be other ways to provide “membership” without what some may consider drawbacks of...
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    Opinions needed on Tradeshows

    WashCard will be at the shows to support all of our Self Serve / In-Bays / Pet Wash operators! We hope to see everyone there and catch up on what's new in the industry.
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    Wash Card

    We were so sorry to hear that your equipment was vandalized and therefor made it so credit cards didn't work in your automatics. It's never fun or easy to repair equipment after someone has stolen and broken things. Thank you for hanging in there while our support team worked on getting you back...
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    Meter Boxes for dummies thread

    Hello there! First off, congrats on your new wash! Welcome to the car wash family! We manufacture self serve pay stations as well. Car_wash_guy posted a photo of our BayStation above along with a link to our website. The BayStation is a great product that allows credit card, loyalty card, coins...
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    Bay meter doors

    Honestly, check with local vendors. You can probably get it really cheap from someone who can print vinyl graphics and avoid shipping fees too! Just really depends on what you're looking for.
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    Hello Carwash version of the SharkTank

    Hey Strava! Glad to hear you're in the purchase process and hope all works out for the best for you. This forum is a great place to learn and ask questions about all things car wash! Would love to hear what you currently have in place at your wash for payment systems and see if WashCard or...
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    Lowering Your Expenses With An App

    WashCard has been hard at work getting our app available to car wash operators. You can be prepared to offer car wash solutions to your customers that are touch-free and going by what the CDC is encouraging for retailers across the country. "Encourage customers to use touchless payment...
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    Safer, No-Touch Payment Systems Becoming A Necessity

    Check out the latest blog post about how the CDC is outlining procedures for keeping people safe by slowing the spread of COVID. Safer, No-Touch Payment Systems Becoming A Necessity
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    Minneapolis bans new drive-thrus

    Hmmm. This is really interesting. Fortunately it's just for new businesses. Being out of Minnesota, I am really curious as to how this will affect future car wash operations. I know in Minneapolis there are several tunnels that get packed out at certain times of the day. I also am curious if...
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    Wash Card

    Hello All - Amy Olson from WashCard Marketing here. We fully understand your concern in this matter and want to express that we do not take this matter lightly. Our last fee change happened in December of 2010 and we have always been as transparent as we can about our fee structure. We have...