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    Cat 310 Not letting soap in

    Please see the link for a Zero Pressure Regulator: I called it valve by mistake when it's actually a regulator. You should find this near the inbound low pressure line to the bottom side of...
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    Pros/Cons for Zero Pressure Regulators

    I’m on my second car wash and both are set-up with the Zero Pressure Regulators on the inbound low pressure side of the pumps. (Cat 310 and 5CP) I understand the concept of the valve but when is it really necessary or when it just a nuisance? Has anyone tried with and without and have wisdom on...
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    Cat 310 Not letting soap in

    Do you have a zero pressure valve on the incoming water? I have mostly the same set-up and just fixed this exact issue by replacing the zero pressure. I am also curious that your soap or wax line in the photo appears to insert on the high pressure side. Usually they are tied together or stacked...