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  1. John T

    Show me your wash

    There is a new website where operators can post pictures of their car washes and equipment. You can check it out by clicking here.
  2. John T

    What vacuum hoses do you use?
  3. John T


    From what I understand, carbonite is to be applied prior to the ceramic.
  4. John T

    Kleen-Rite free shipping

    Kleen-Scene always comes out every February and August each year.
  5. John T

    Inventory tracking app

    The Kleen-Rite App is actually brand new, it's called KR Stock. they have a good video on YouTube that explains how it works. Click here to watch the Kleen-Rite Video
  6. John T

    November Car Wash Show - Value for Newbies?

    Kleen-Rite's next expo will be next November 2022.
  7. John T

    Vegas Show!

    The next scheduled Kleen-Rite Expo will be in November 2022
  8. John T

    Hog Daddy foam brush

    Yes they have rubber bumpers that are the same color as the powder coated head.
  9. John T

    FYI. Kleen-Rite email system has been hacked.

    This problem has been resolved. No worries moving forward.
  10. John T

    Tire Shine Conversion Kit

    This will work:
  11. John T

    Kudos to Kleen Rite

  12. John T

    More Hydrominder Talk

    It's listed here under car wash industry links: Guess it could be more prevalent.
  13. John T

    Why is Kleen-Rite so slow lately?

    Maybe because Kleen-Rite ran a free shipping offer the same month that every car wash in the country needed to order supplies because of all the winter weather.
  14. John T

    Kleen-Scene Free Car Wash Magazine

    The February issue if the Kleen-Scene Magazine is available now. The magazine is chock full of helpful hints and tips for car wash operators. Call Kleen-Rite for your free copy today! 800-233-3873 and simply request your free Kleen-Scene Magazine.
  15. John T

    Dog Wash Blow Dryers, Vac's or Both?

    For a little more on the Kleen-Rite Unit there are online videos on this web link
  16. John T

    Self Service foam brushes...

    At Kleen-Rite we own and operate 2 car washes ourselves, but we don't post threads about our products, we would consider that advertising. We do however skim through the forums to be sure, we use your comments and observations to try and help keep us on track.
  17. John T

    Little Tree popularity

    We get a new popularity listing of the trees on a monthly basis. We can track the progress of the ups and downs in popularity of the trees. When I create the Kleen-Scene magazine I try to put in the top 10 trees for customer knowledge and convenience. But this an OVERALL rating of their sales...