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    Hamilton Gold Line Kiosk For Sale

    Hello, We got a new kiosk for our in bay automatic so we are going to be selling this one. If anyone is interested please shoot us an offer. Kiosk was fully functioning when we had it in operation with bill, coin, and card acceptor. We also have a Dan computer as well for the kiosk. Please let...
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    Kondor KL2 Triple Foam Check Valves

    Hey everyone! Any ideas of where to buy the push to connect check valves for a Kondor KL2? It seems two of our check valves has failed. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Kondor KL2 Gearbox Replacement

    Hello everyone, I hope all is well! We operate a Kondor KL2 at our location that is around five years old. Over the last six months the butterfly arms have a lot of play in them, and that the gearbox needs replacement. Anyone know where we can purchase this part or the part number for it. We...
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    Power-Shine Pro Powered by Simoniz

    Thank you for the reply! We have always purchased the stuff on the left from our Sales Rep, since we have had our automated carwash the last two years. For the last three months they have dropped off this other product called power shine pro powered by simoniz. They are saying that it is pretty...
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    Power-Shine Pro Powered by Simoniz

    Hey everyone, I hope you are all having a great day! I'm new to this forum. We have been seeing this new product show up lately (Power-Shine Pro Powered by Simoniz) and are wondering what this stuff is, as I have not seen anything about it online. We have always used the stuff on the left, so we...