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    Foam Brush Sleeve Cracking

    I’ve never had that happen ,do you ever have a problem w these hoses kink?
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    Spray painting and body work. But How?

    What an amazing story. Please tell us more
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    Petit or razor

    Probably not the most sound advice regarding PDQ
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    Just when you think you've seen it all....

    Some real dirtbags in This world!!
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    WashWorld APEX video

    Site I bought a little over a year ago has 2 mark vii’s. One is soft wash the other combo unit. It’s a really busy site and both machines are used. Even w a huge sign above the bay saying your choice “soft touch or touchless” on the combo side people , well, are people and always gonna be...
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    WashWorld APEX video

    And I thought my mark vii combo wash was slow!!
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    Opinions on national chains decreasing business of local washes?

    I thought the same thing. At least 3 million for this place. He’s not washing 200 plus cars a day in this town whatever the number is for him to break even
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    Opinions on national chains decreasing business of local washes?

    Thank ya sir I appreciate it. Yeah the only $5 wash I see here in SE North Carolina are the AAA fins washes.
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    Opinions on national chains decreasing business of local washes?

    It’s really getting annoying. One of my 2 is a really busy 4/2. Tunnel coming on another road behind behind 2 miles away, probably be open by end of summer. The annoying part is I heard it’s a lawyer building hence they know nothing about carwashing other than what distributors tell them...
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    Vacuum dirt keeps getting robbed

    Looks like another fine upstanding citizen
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    Road Closure

    It’s not even a question to think about unless they cut the price in 1/2 because that’s how much revenue will be lost. Almost guaranteed owner(s) knew this was coming
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    North Carolina Newbie with 8 bay SS

    So think of it this way. Most likely scenario, This guy probably has the place paid for and is bleeding it dry and to lazy or tired to keep the place looking and running the way it should. If the place was busy the other 3 bays would be open .. You’re gonna dump a 💩load of money to fix a...
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    North Carolina Newbie with 8 bay SS

    No plumbers I know clean pits and the pits should be the least of your concerns. Whats the reason the other 3 bays not operating ?? What’s the equipment look like? Is the oil change part of the lease or is it just the Self serve? Most importantly what’s the revenue and how much does he want...
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    Wash Select II - crypto tap

    I should’ve put those in first, they work great. No complaint here
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    Looking for new touchless car wash system. Any recommendations/suggestions?

    As mentioned above, unless you work on EVERYTHING yourself you better find a distributor/ tech who is close. It will make a huge difference in your down time
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    Car wash canopies Jim Lewis

    That’s a part of the problem these days. To many hurt feelings
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    Car wash canopies Jim Lewis

    So you bought from this guy anyways after hearing about how sorry he was????
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    Can't believe this stupidity... Yes you can!

    Good idea!! Live and learn. That will be a given next time. 👍🏼
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    Can't believe this stupidity... Yes you can!

    There really are some idiots out there. I had one of my machines down waiting for a part. I had 2 big a** cones in front of the paystation. Lady put money in , drive over the cones and into the bay. I had taken a valve off that was hooked to a high pressure line. Water went everywhere but...
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    Touchless Front & Rear Eyebrow removal

    Good question, one wash I have a touchless that I run through regularly, the other wash I have friction and friction/touchless combo and sometimes friction doesn’t take off eyebrow